SIX Protocol’s Modular Upgrade: Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

SIX Protocol’s Modular Upgrade: Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

SIX Protocol Modular Blockchain Upgrade (1)

Blockchain technology is always changing, and modular blockchains are one of the exciting innovations. While traditional blockchains have changed the game in many industries, they can face some scalability limitations.


Monolithic blockchains, where all core functions happen within a single chain, often struggle to handle a large number of transactions efficiently. This is where modular blockchains come in.


Modular Blockchain Defined: Monolithic vs. Modular

Let’s take a look with a brief overview of the differences between modular and monolithic blockchains. A blockchain, at its core, is an immutable ledger of transactions. Most blockchains are monolithic – they handle four key functions on the same layer:

• Execution: Processing transactions to update the blockchain’s state.
• Settlement: Resolving disputes, verifying transaction validity, and ensuring “finality.”
• Consensus: Reaching an agreement between validators on transaction ordering (e.g., Proof-of-Stake).
• Data availability: Ensuring transaction data is available for the entire network to view.


Modular blockchains, however, separate these functions across multiple chains. This allows for specialization and optimization.


Why is this significant?

Monolithic blockchains try to include all the transactions above in a single layer, while Modular chains focus on one part of the stack, providing customized and efficient solutions each Modular has its responsibilities to handle their task.


This distinction of Modular’s concept is important when considering the Blockchain Trilemma – the idea that a blockchain can optimize for only two out of three features: scalability, decentralization, and security.


• Scalability:
The ability to increase transactions processed (throughput) without proportionally increasing verification costs. Modular approaches solve this.


• Decentralization:
Lower hardware requirements for running full nodes mean more participation. Modular chains can have larger blocks without sacrificing decentralization because the modular blockchain is dedicated to one purpose for example one can store the data, while another could focus on optimizing RPC (​​Remote Procedure Call)


• Security:
Modular Blockchain has its own node set to secure its chain, creating a sovereign, independent blockchain with customization.


How SIX Protocol is Changing to Modular Blockchain

SIX Network is embracing modularity to address its growth and to increase potential use cases. This upgrade moves SIX Protocol away from a monolithic architecture toward a flexible, modular structure.


The modular blockchain concept has gained attention with projects like Celestia, Avail, and others. In this concept, execution, settlement, consensus, and data availability become separate functions. It’s like a team with specialized roles instead of one person doing everything.


SIX Network is focusing initially on the execution functions. This will allow SIX Protocol to collaborate with other modular blockchains specializing in different areas, offering more potential for global projects and scaling the SIX Protocol ecosystem.

Benefits of Modular Blockchains

Benefits for SIX Protocol Network

• Enhanced Scalability: Separating functions allows for much higher transaction throughput.

• Greater Customization: Businesses and developers can choose the specific modules they need, ensuring flexibility.

• Innovation Potential: Specialization allows teams to focus on improving execution speed, optimizing data availability solutions, or strengthening consensus mechanisms.


SIX Network exemplifies the modular blockchain concept. It allows network participants to become specialized nodes, which is key to scaling SIX Network and attracting more developers and projects.


Benefits for SIX Holders

The adoption of the modular blockchain approach will significantly update the consensus system within the SIX Protocol ecosystem once the core structure is established. This will transition the SIX Protocol to a public proof of stake system, removing existing limitations and allowing more SIX holders to participate in node staking. As a result, more SIX tokens will be locked in nodes, reducing their availability on the market. The staking participants will be able to enjoy rewards from staking SIX tokens as well as get possible airdrops.


Modular blockchains represent a significant advancement, overcoming the limitations of the monolithic blockchain. This redesigned structure offers improved scalability, flexibility, and greater innovation potential. SIX Protocol is developed for this transformation and designed to adapt and become versatile solutions for various industries in the coming year.



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SIX Token Migrates to Ethereum (ERC-20) — Empowering a New Chapter of Growth!

SIX Token Migrates to Ethereum (ERC-20) — Empowering a New Chapter of Growth!


TLDR (Too Long; Didn’t Read):
SIX Token will migrate from Stellar to Ethereum and SIX bridge will be upgraded to facilitate transfers on 17th August at 1 PM (GMT+7). Following the migration, Users will have the option to withdraw SIX token in Ethereum or Stellar after the migration.


SIX bridge will be upgraded to facilitate transfers from Stellar to Ethereum; However, it is important to note that once users bridge their token from Stellar to another chain, they will not be able to bridge the token back to Stellar.


We are excited to share a significant milestone in the journey of SIX Token. Starting on August 17th at 1 PM (GMT+7), SIX Bridge will upgrade to compatible with Ethereum, allowing user to easy transfers from Stellar to Ethereum. This strategic decision aims to open new possibilities and make the most of Ethereum’s advanced ecosystem and capabilities.


Why Does Migrating to Ethereum Matter?

Migrating to the Ethereum blockchain is crucial because of the powerful capabilities of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Being on the Ethereum chain allows for interactions with EVM-based smart contracts to the SIX token. This shift means that the scope of development can now extend to all the chains that are compatible with the EVM.


The Advantages of Running on Ethereum Chain for SIX Token


By migrating to the Ethereum blockchain, SIX token gains access to a world of innovation and decentralization. With Ethereum’s global network, SIX token is primed for growth and advancements. So, we’ll delve into the advantages of running SIX tokens on the Ethereum chain.


1. Vibrant Ecosystem:

Ethereum’s ecosystem is a hotspot for innovation in the blockchain space. Ethereum hosts many tokens, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), DAOs, NFTs, and many more projects. This ecosystem provides an environment for growth, building ground for SIX token and enabling to tap into the infrastructure, collaborations, and opportunities present within its ecosystem.


2. Access to Large Liquidity:

Liquidity is a crucial factor for the success of any token. Ethereum’s widespread adoption has led to a massive user base. So, SIX token will gain instant access to this vast pool of users and investors, enhancing its liquidity and volume. After the migration, you will be able to find the liquidity pool of SIX tokens on the platforms which are running on the Ethereum chain.


3. Large Developer Community:

In the blockchain industry, Ethereum has the most active developer communities. This community continually contributes to the development of the platform, creating innovative solutions, smart contracts, and applications. By migrating SIX token, we will gain access to developers and the advantage of knowledge, resources, and collaboration opportunities.


4. Solid Support by Top Exchanges:

Ethereum has established itself as the standard blockchain. So, Integrating SIX token into top exchanges becomes more streamlined due to support systems for Ethereum-based tokens. This integration not only ensures a smoother listing process but also provides credibility and visibility for SIX token.


5. Trust and Credibility to Global Enterprises and Institutions:

Ethereum’s reputation as a secure and widely-acknowledged blockchain platform lends added trust to the SIX token built on it. Within the Ethereum ecosystem, there are top-tier custodian services that major enterprises and institutions trust to safeguard their digital assets. Being ERC-20 based, the SIX token is compatible with these services, enhancing its appeal to institutions.


By having the SIX token operate on Ethereum, we can capitalize on this established trust, drawing greater attention and fostering partnership opportunities with global enterprises. This positions the SIX token as a reliable and business-friendly digital asset.


In summary, This migration brings more opportunities for growth and innovation. By migrating to Ethereum’s advanced programmability through the EVM, we can create diverse DApps and explore new use cases. Being part of Ethereum’s extensive ecosystem gives SIX Network better liquidity and exposure to a vibrant community of developers, more support with top exchanges and building trust with global enterprises and institutions.


What to Know About Migration

To make the migration smooth, we are upgrading the SIX bridge to allow easy transfers from Stellar to Ethereum. However, it’s essential to remember that once you bridge your tokens from Stellar to another chain, you won’t be able to bridge the token back to Stellar again.


The bridge will be accessible from the beginning of the migration and will be available for bridging without any time limits. You can take your time and proceed with the process at your own pace.


This migration is an exciting step towards expanding the reach and impact of SIX Token, offering innovative DeFi opportunities and a vibrant ecosystem within Ethereum’s decentralized space.


New Chapter of Growth is About to Begin

This migration is a new chapter of growth as SIX Network is opening doors to new possibilities. This step reflects the company’s dedication to innovation, decentralization, and collaboration, positioning it to play a key role in shaping the future of blockchain technology. SIX Network is looking forward to the upcoming growth and partnership prospects that await.


Also, We value the trust and support of our community, and we believe that this migration will set the stage for a new era of growth and collaboration. We invite all SIX Token holders to stay tuned for further updates and bridge your token to Ethereum.


Thank you for being part of this transformative journey with us. Together, we are shaping the future of blockchain technology.


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EVM is Now Compatible with SIX Protocol

EVM is Now Compatible with SIX Protocol


Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is now compatible with SIX Protocol. This move enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) on the SIX Protocol using Solidity, a popular programming language for the Ethereum blockchain.


SIX Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure designed for real-world business and enterprise that wants to enable the power of Web3. By achieving compatibility with the EVM, SIX Protocol is now able to take advantage of the vast ecosystem of dApps and smart contracts that build on Ethereum, opening up new possibilities for developers and users.


One of the key benefits of EVM compatibility is that developers can easily port their existing Ethereum dApps to the SIX Protocol without having to rewrite the entire codebase. In addition, SIX Protocol can now support popular Ethereum dApps such as MetaMaskOpenseaUniswap, and PancakeSwap. This makes it easier for developers to build on the SIX Protocol and could help to attract more users to the network.


For users who want to transfer SIX tokens between SIX Protocol and SIX Protocol — EVM, we have a user guide. The guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to transfer SIX tokens from SIX Protocol to SIX Protocol — EVM.


For developers, we also offer a faucet for testnet (https://faucet.sixprotocol.net/) and a guide on transferring SIX tokens and more information about SIX Protocol — EVM, which can be found on our Gitbook page under the Technical Document section


If you’re interested in SIX Protocol and its EVM support, please contact us by opening a support ticket in Discord. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how SIX Protocol can support your projects in the blockchain landscape



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SIX Protocol is supporting EVM

SIX Protocol is supporting EVM


SIX Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure that has been designed for real-world businesses built on Cosmos-rust and has been upgraded to support the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), offering new opportunities for users to create decentralized applications (DApps).


This decision was driven by several factors, including the widespread adoption of EVM as the standard for building DApps on the Ethereum blockchain, seamless interoperability with ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens, and enhanced compatibility for developers familiar with Ethereum’s tools.


With the latest upgrade next week, developers and businesses can now easily write smart contracts in Solidity and deploy them on the SIX Protocol, leveraging the vast ecosystem of tools, libraries, and developer communities built around Ethereum.


Additionally, It enables developers and businesses to bridge their digital assets across EVM and Cosmos via SIX Bridge.


SIX Protocol’s EVM support offers a range of benefits. Here are some of the key advantages:


1. Fast transactions: With SIX Protocol’s EVM support, transactions can be processed quickly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth user experience.


2. Decentralization: SIX Protocol is a decentralized blockchain platform, meaning that it is not controlled by a single entity. This ensures greater transparency, security, and trust in the network.


3. Low transaction fees: Compared to other blockchain platforms, SIX Protocol offers relatively cheaper transaction fees, making it an affordable option for developers and businesses.


4. Easy access to builders: SIX Protocol offers easy access to our in-house builder, providing developers and businesses with the support they need to create and deploy their DApps quickly and efficiently.


5. Security and trustworthiness: SIX Protocol’s focus on security and trust ensures that the network is safe and reliable, giving users peace of mind when using the platform.


By leveraging the benefits of SIX Protocol’s EVM support, developers and businesses can unlock a world of new possibilities and tap into the full potential of the blockchain.

How to get start

If you’re interested in SIX Protocol and its EVM support, We plan to make the source code available, providing an opportunity for interested parties to contribute.


So, if you want to be a part of it, please contact us by opening a support ticket in Discord. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how SIX Protocol can support your projects in the blockchain landscape.






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Unpacking NFT Gen 2 from SIX Network

Unpacking NFT Gen 2 from SIX Network


Table of Contents


Hello, and welcome to “NFT Gen 2 Guide” We’re excited to explore the developments in the evolving world of NFTs with you. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at NFT Gen 2 from SIX Network.


NFTs have taken the art, collectibles, and gaming worlds by storm, offering a new way to buy, sell and trade unique digital assets. From art to exclusive in-game items, NFTs provide a way to own and verify ownership of digital assets.


NFT Gen 2 is the next step in the evolution of NFTs, bringing new features and capabilities that make it even easier to use and interact with NFT users for businesses. In this guide, we’ll dive deeply into NFT Gen 2 and explore what sets it apart from other NFTs. We’ll also provide an overview and the benefits of using NFT Gen 2. So let’s get started!


What is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are types of digital assets that are created using blockchain technology. They are unique, immutable, non-interchangeable, and traceable.


NFTs can represent many things, including images, music, videos, gifs, and even physical products. They have many use cases, such as serving as fundraising tools, event tickets, exclusive merchandise, loyalty point programs, and more. NFTs are versatile and can be used in many ways to represent valuable and unique items.


What is NFT Gen 2?

NFT Gen 2 is a new project from Six Network that offers more adaptable NFT and is helpful for everyone who wants to add value to their’s businesses. NFT Gen 2 is built on Dynamic Data Layer that runs on SIX Protocol, enabling NFTs to match business needs.


The story behind NFT Gen 2

NFT Gen 2 was developed when people were excited about NFTs. SIX Network wanted to make NFTs more valuable in business, so we thought about how it could be used in real-life.


Previously, some projects offered NFT Utilities such as free rewards, but these utilities were not easy to use. For example, if a project owner wants to offer rewards like free hamburgers, NFT holders have to physically show the NFT at the counter. Then, the employee manually records that rewards have been redeemed.


Many owners offer utilities that are linked to NFTs, but the process of redeeming is inconvenient because the NFTs are stored on the blockchain while utilities are not. So, SIX Network aims to make this process easier. For example, with NFT Gen 2, Holders can show an NFT and simply scan a QR code to redeem a reward, without the need for manual record-keeping or verification. So, the process is more efficient and secure.


Core features

1. Marking Usage Value

The business can embed the use case and redeemable inventory for the users to obtain their rights.


2. Point System

Dynamic Metadata allows the NFT to collect the point and work as a membership or CRM tool for the users and brands.


3. Proof of Attendance

Users can use the NFT as a Proof of Attendance concept as a fraud-free ticket to attend the events or complete the quest and journey.


4. Mergeable Attribute

Once the users have completed their task or quest, the attribute of NFT can be merged with new attributes.


5. Transformable NFT

Dynamic Metadata allows the collection owner to change the artwork on NFT. The business can create a business case related to artwork transformation and its attributes to create uniqueness as a symbol of use.


6. Delegating Gas Fee

Via fee delegation address, users can process any NFT transaction without having to prepare for a gas fee which will be provided by either the business or the collection owner.


Who is behind NFT Gen2?

NFT Gen 2 was developed by Six Network, a leading blockchain, and decentralized financial company. They are backed by FSN, a group of over 10 public companies in South Korea.


SIX Network was founded in 2018 with the goal of using blockchain technology to expand business opportunities. They offer services for businesses to easily store, exchange, buy, and transfer digital assets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.

NFT Gen 2 is run on Six Protocol, a blockchain infrastructure layer built to help businesses migrate their assets into the blockchain by issuing their tokens, including cryptocurrency and NFT, to the destination chain.


How does the NFT Gen 2 work?

To understand how NFT Gen 2 works, it is necessary to understand the basics of NFT functions.


NFT is a digital asset that is created and stores the data on Blockchain. For example, a human portrait NFT might consist of various attributes, or traits, such as eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, which come together to form the NFT portrait.


In general, once NFT was created, it consists of traits as metadata on the blockchain that cannot be changed. The image and all the traits will remain the same forever, as it is permanently recorded on the blockchain.


SIX Network wants to overcome the limitations of NFT. Therefore, They created NFT Gen 2 which builds upon the concept of “adaptable NFT” by allowing the NFTs to be modified and breaking the limitation of normal NFTs being fixed and unchanging.


So, NFT Gen 2 works as follows:

Let’s say we have a human portrait NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, the NFT metadata is on Ethereum, and the picture can’t be changed. But, If we want to modify an NFT, such as adding a hat, we can use NFT Gen 2 to create a hat and link it to the “hat trait” on the Six Protocol Chain.


This means that the original NFT remains on the Ethereum blockchain, but additional traits can be added later and linked to the Six Protocol Blockchain without changing the metadata on Ethereum Blockchain.


By doing so, we can change NFT traits by simply adding NFT Gen 2 functions, and keeping data stored on the blockchain. It allows us to track and trace all past data, no matter how much it may have changed.


Example of how the dynamic data layer work :


Preparations before using NFT Gen 2

For any business that wants to use NFT Gen 2, there are two 2 main things that must be prepared:


1. Prepare the smart contract of the NFT. If this is not something that can be done in-house, you can hire an outsource company to work or you let SIX Network handle it.


2. Prepare the requirements, such as how the NFT will be used and how many will be needed. For example, a company might want to use the NFT as a membership card for 500 numbers. If a company is unsure about these details, SIX Network can consult to find a suitable solution.


Once the necessary preparations have been made, the following steps can be taken to set up NFT Gen 2

1. Download Binary and list available commands of the binary Create Account

2. Mint Tokens at the faucet to get coins for gas fee

3. Create NFT schema and NFT Metadata

4. Deploy NFT Gen2

5. Perform Action of NFT Gen2

6. Download and install the script


Read our full NFT Gen 2 Tech Doc https://app.gitbook.com/o/-LNwjTTMzXF4z4Ip3nxo/s/UOgAAChWM38m2FHlKkOf/getting-started/getting-started


Moreover, SIX Network plans to release NFT Gen 2 testnet for developers soon. You can follow more details at the discord.


How to use NFT Gen 2

Most people that adopt NFT Gen 2 aim to add value to their businesses. We would like to give an example of a coffee shop that wants to increase customer engagement and retention by replacing the old point-collecting program with NFT Gen 2.


A coffee shop, SIX Cafe, decides to launch an NFT point system to reward its loyal customers and increase engagement. Customers can buy NFTs and collect points when buying coffee, referring friends, and participating in special promotions or events. These NFTs can then be used to redeem rewards, such as discounts, free drinks or snacks, etc.


To participate in the NFT point system, customers must first create a digital wallet link to SIX Cafe. And, SIX Cafe might set rules and activities such as buy 10 cups get 2 snacks free. So, Whenever customers buy coffee, they will be automatically collecting points in their wallets. They can then view their activities and redeem their points when purchased.


Also, It will be recorded in the system, how many rewards customers redeem. To ensure that every point is valid and transparent, also avoid errors when giving privileges.


In the future, SIX Cafe might decide to create a marketplace where customers can buy and sell their NFTs with other users. This allows customers to trade or sell their points for other rewards or even for cash.


Overall, the NFT point system serves as a way for SIX cafe to reward its loyal customers, increase engagement, and create new business opportunities.


Benefits of using NFT Gen 2

NFT Gen 2 has many benefits depending on the implementation of businesses. Some examples of these benefits might be:


1.Improve security because once the data was in the blockchain. It can not be changed and is hard to hack.


2.Use data and analytics by tracking NFT usage, This information can help understand customer behavior.


3. Increased customer engagement in a more interactive and rewarding way, which can lead to increased customer engagement.


4. Strengthen Customer loyalty by offering rewards for customers to remain loyal to businesses. These rewards can be earned and redeemed through the use of NFTs, which can provide valuable benefits to customers


5. Offers unique opportunities for generating revenue such as selling NFTs as collectibles and more.


6. Added brand value by establishing a business as an early adopter of innovative technology, which can enhance brand reputation.


NFT Gen 2 Uses Case

NFT Gen 2 has 4 use case already which is Whale Gate CollectionTeam MHRS for Maho Rasop Music Festival 2022NFT BUAKAW1 x Amazing Thailand, and NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi.


The First One is the “Whale Gate Collection,” which was exhibited at Thailand Crypto Expo at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre during 6–9 October 2022 when visitors received the paper wallet, they were required to complete the in-booth missions to get points that are embedded in each NFT then redeemed those points for the premium gifts.


Next is “NFT BUAKAW1 x Amazing Thailand”. The collaboration NFT Project between Buakaw Banchamek and Amazing Thailand which NFT Buakaw1 holders will receive an airdrop for this new NFT collection. The background of NFTs will be randomly selected from 10 unique attractions across Thailand.


NFT BUAKAW1 exclusive collection uses “NFT Gen 2” to update or change some traits to become a new NFT. For example, This NFT Collection has an Asymmetrical Trait in which Buakaw’s NFT traits left and right are different. But when the holder uses “Mirror Potion” (Symmetric Potion) and mixes it with NFT, It will make the original NFT trait evolve to be symmetrical NFT on both left and right sides.


Maho Rasop Music Festival. TeamMHRS is the first collection of NFT Gen 2 used in ticketing passes for an event which this time represents an international independent music festival hosted in Thailand during 19–20 November 2022 at ESC Park, Rangsit.


The latest is NFT Tickets at the Ultra Abu Dhabi music festival. The festival is introducing NFT tickets that allow attendees to access exclusive benefits and experiences. These NFT tickets are available on Binance and Xclusive Launchpad Launchpad, using SIX Protocol’s Dynamic Data Layer.



NFT Gen 2 is a new project from Six Network that offers more adaptable NFT and is helpful for everyone who wants to add value to their’s businesses. NFT Gen 2 is built on Dynamic Data Layer that runs on SIX Protocol, enabling NFTs to match business needs.


It can be used to improve the abilities and applied to existing NFTs and can design with business. So it can be adapted to use in many cases, for example, a ticket pass NFT, exclusive membership, track and prove fraud from using a particular NFT, and many more.


NFT Gen 2 works by adding traits and linking to the Six Protocol Blockchain without changing the metadata on the original Blockchain. So, we can change NFT traits by simply adding NFT Gen 2 functions, and keeping data stored on the blockchain. It allows us to track and trace all past data, no matter how much it may have changed.


It has benefits such as Improving security, Tracking NFT data, Increasing customer engagement, Strengthen Customer loyalty, Offering unique opportunities, and adding brand value. It already has 4 use cases which are Whale Gate Collection, Team MHRS for Maho Rasop Music Festival 2022, NFT BUAKAW1 x Amazing Thailand, and NFT Tickets at Ultra Abu Dhabi.


If you’d like to explore ways you can use NFT Gen 2 with your project or business, please kindly contact us via business@six.network or open a ticket in our discord server.





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SIX Name Service (SNS) — A Decentralized Naming System on SIX Protocol

SIX Name Service (SNS) — A Decentralized Naming System on SIX Protocol


SIX Network launched the SIX Individual Node program for the first round on March 10, 2023, and the second round on March 14, 2023. One of the key benefits of participating in this program is getting a free one-year subscription to SIX Name Service (SNS), which is a decentralized naming system.

This service allows you to register a unique name of 6–25 characters with the “.six” extension. Today, we’ll deep dive into what SIX Name Service (SNS) is and why it’s important for the users.

What is SIX Name Service (SNS)?


SIX Name Service (SNS) is a decentralized naming system that enables users to register human-readable names to their wallet addresses or public keys on the SIX Protocol blockchain. In simpler terms, SIX Name Service (SNS) provides a way for users to easily associate a unique name with their wallet address, which brings simplicity to the blockchain experience and makes it easier to make a transaction on the blockchain.


Traditionally, sending cryptocurrency involved copying and pasting a long, complex wallet address, which could be prone to errors. With SIX Name Service (SNS), users can instead register a name that is easy to remember and share, making the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency much simpler and more user-friendly.


With SIX Name Service (SNS), users can register a unique name with 6–25 characters with the.six extensions. The name is owned by the users who register them in a certain period of time (1 year) and is unique, which means that each public key or wallet address can register with one unique SNS.

Benefits of SIX Name Service (SNS)


Registering your name or business name on SIX Name Service (SNS), has several benefits, including


1. User-friendly

Instead of relying on long and unreadable complex text as a wallet address or public key, you can register a name that is easy to remember and share. This makes it easier for you and other users to receive and send digital assets and recognize each other by name.


2. Branding and marketing opportunities

Registering your business name on SNS can help you establish a unique online presence and brand on the SIX Protocol blockchain. This can help you reach a wider audience and potentially attract new customers, leading to an opportunity to expand in the blockchain ecosystem.


3. Protection against name squatting

By registering your name or business name on SNS, you can prevent others from registering it and potentially using it for fraudulent purposes such as identity theft or phishing. SNS names are unique and owned by the users who register them, giving you full control and protection over your name.


Overall, SIX Name Service (SNS) offers a user-friendly, secure, and efficient way to interact with the SIX Protocol blockchain, providing several benefits for individuals and businesses alike.

How to use SIX Name Service (SNS)


SIX Name Service (SNS) is currently free for one year for SIX Individual Node program participants which you can easily purchase at https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node.


To purchase SIX Individual Node and use SIX Name Service (SNS): you can follow these steps


1. Purchase a SIX Individual Node by going to https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node and clicking “PURCHASE NOW” in the Individual Node section


2. Choose your desired name, which can either be a name you select yourself (between 6–25 characters) or one generated by the system.


3. Input the number of nodes you want to purchase.


4. After entering the necessary information, the system will automatically generate your SIX Name Service (SNS) and you will receive a free one-year subscription to use it. This service is included with the purchase of your SIX Individual Node.


When a user registers a name on the SIX Individual Node program, the name is stored on the SIX Name Service (SNS) along with their wallet address or public key. This creates a permanent link between the user’s name and their address, which can be used to identify and interact with smart contracts, tokens, and other resources on the SIX Protocol blockchain.

SIX Name Service (SNS) and the Future of Web 3.0


As more and more people and businesses adopt blockchain technology, SIX Name Service (SNS) will become an essential component of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Its ease of use, security, and branding opportunities make SNS a valuable tool for anyone looking to establish a presence on the blockchain. By embracing SIX Name Service (SNS), we can help accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 and build a more decentralized world for everyone.


you can easily purchase one at 👉 https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node. And if you have any questions, our support team is ready to help. Just reach out to us on Discord and open a support ticket.

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SIX Network Is Ready to Upgrade SIX Bridge and Individual Node Program: The Schedule and What to Prepare

SIX Network Is Ready to Upgrade SIX Bridge and Individual Node Program: The Schedule and What to Prepare

We would like to announce that SIX Bridge will be an updated bridge feature to the SIX Protocol chain and Individual Node Staking will be available for you to join very soon. Today we would like to tell you the upcoming schedule of the updates and what to prepare.


SIX Bridge Major Update to SIX Protocol Chain

There are 2 major updates coming to the SIX Bridge. On March 1, the SIX Bridge will be upgraded and the bridge feature to the SIX Protocol chain will be available. With this upgrade, you will be able to use the bridge feature to bridge your SIX Token to the SIX Protocol to prepare for joining the Individual Node program. 


In order to complete the upgrade, there will be maintenance occurring from 12 PM to 3 PM (GMT+7) on March 1. During that period, the bridge will be temporarily unavailable until the major upgrade is completed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We suggest you prepare for the upcoming Individual Node program by preparing to bridge your 20,000 SIX Tokens to the SIX Protocol chain when the upgraded bridge is launched. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to do this soon.


Check out: https://bridge.six.network/


Individual Node Launch

Individual Node Program will be available on March 10. For individuals who want to support the SIX Protocol network by running a validator node. To ensure the security and performance of the SIX Protocol, SIX Network uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that requires validator nodes to process and validate transactions.


By running a validator node on the SIX Protocol, investors can earn rewards in the form of SIX tokens while contributing to the overall security and performance of the network. 


To become a SIX Network individual node, investors must stake an initial deposit of 20,000 SIX tokens for each individual node. Individual node staking is a unique and rewarding approach to staking that offers significant benefits for investors looking to support the growth and development of the SIX ecosystem. 


Benefits of Participating In Individual Node Program

Being an Individual node staking provides benefits such as improved network security, involvement in the network’s operations, and earning rewards in SIX tokens. 


Running a validator node enhances the SIX Protocol’s infrastructure and helps to protect it from fraud from the more decentralized consensus method Moreover, Validators receive rewards based on their performance and it is a rewarding way for investors to support the growth of the blockchain industry while earning rewards.


Be Prepared for Updates

In conclusion, Two important updates are being rolled out which will introduce new features and improve the overall user experience for users and the utility of the tokens and network.


SIX Bridge Maintenance on Mar 1, 2023

SIX Bridge will be undergoing maintenance on March 1 from 12 PM to 3 PM (GMT+7). This maintenance is necessary to implement upgrades to the bridge. Once the maintenance is complete, you will be able to use the new features of the upgraded bridge. If you are planning to bridge to the SIX Protocol chain, be sure to do so after the maintenance period has ended.

Launch of Individual Node Program on March 10

SIX Network will launch the Individual Node Program on March 10, which will enable users to become a part of SIX Protocol’’s infrastructure and earn rewards. If you are interested in joining this program, you should prepare to bridge your 20,000 SIX tokens to the SIX Protocol chain when the upgraded bridge is launched. By doing so, you will be able to participate in the Individual Node Program easily on the launch date.


We will provide detailed instructions on how to bridge your tokens and join the Individual Node Program soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new development.


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Blockchain as Explained in 2022

Blockchain as Explained in 2022


Table of Contents

Hello there SIXers, I’m a writer at SIX Network and today I’d like to talk about the topic, in overview, of blockchain as explained in 2022. Three years ago blockchain was perceived differently from today’s blockchain definition. It changes fast and revolves around the trend of DeFi, NFT, and Web 3.0 during the past years.


The core of blockchain can be explained under many circumstances such as perspective from end-users, corporate, and key product managers, just like SIX Protocol that was launched early in 2022.

Simple Blockchain Guide


Spending time reading this article will save you tremendous time questioning while diving deeper into the technology, whether you’re interested in cryptocurrencies or how blockchain works.


A blockchain is basically a block tied up together into a long chain. Each block contains digital information and each block relies on the one before. The first working example of blockchain is Bitcoin. It was invented because of the inefficiencies of centralized banking institutions.


The specific characteristics of being decentralized make blockchain different and incredibly efficient to use. 

Who runs the blockchain?

Yes, blockchain is decentralized with no custodian, but with no miners there would be no computers running the network and no way to conduct transactions with it. Miners are essential to make the blockchain operational then they are distributed with reward for finding the next open-source block to continue blockchain. This type of algorithm is known as Proof-of-Work (PoW).


To this point, this is one example given to you to understand the function of it. And there are several algorithms blockchain uses for running the protocol like: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Authority (PoA), and Proof-of-History (PoH) for instance.

Storing Blockchain

Continuing with PoW example, the storage conducted by nodes refers to computers storing a copy of the blockchain. It differs from miners where they validate transactions and send back and forth the information for other nodes and miners.


To build up the next block, miners are to confirm the block and then add it to the previous block in the blockchain. But how will the chain be created, you might wonder? The series of blocks must be validated. Now nodes will take charge of verifying all transactions, sending the new blocks to other nodes holder as a new copy.


Furthermore, I would like to introduce a protocol you might want to have a glance at powered by SIX Network. SIX Protocol chain will contribute to the community in many ways whether business or individual to have access to a friendly protocol.

SIX Protocol as The Chain of Choice 

SIX Protocol is a determinant extension that serves as a blockchain for individuals and the business sector. The protocol is designed to assist projects and businesses enabling the power of Web 3.0. 


There are many blockchains to choose from, why is the SIX Protocol beneficial for enterprises and individuals?

It is a notable point to start a mainnet that has the ability to connect with multiple blockchains. The infrastructure feasibility for projects and businesses to create new scalable decentralized apps.


Mentioning one of the SIX Protocol’s Toolkits, Token Autonomy Management allows users to create and manage their digital assets whether it is a cryptocurrency or NFT so-called Initial Asset Offering (IAO) service.


Governance token on SIX Protocol is fueled by SIX tokens which is the cryptocurrency used for spending transaction fees, governing the system, and redeeming the services on SIX Protocol.

SIX Protocol’s Validation System

Proof of Staked Authority or PoSA is backing up the security system throughout the SIX Protocol chain. It requires verification and approval by the majority of network nodes to validate a new block of transactions.


Validators are prone to keep transactions in the blockchain running, it is the most reliable and secure consensus algorithm. SIX Protocol’s Node Validators are selected as trustworthy entities to secure nodes. 


NFT Gen 2 by SIX Network 

On top of that, SIX Protocol is eager to introduce the data layer made definitely for NFT. NFT Gen 2 is the on-chain solution of SIX Protocol to enhance the real utility of the NFT for business use.


The property for cross-chain functioning on SIX Protocol makes it easy for businesses to transfer NFT for any existing collection of the chain. One interesting feature is the ownership oracles that can screen for original content. Better suited for businesses and brands to be able to verify the ownership even though the NFT Gen 2’s metadata on SIX Protocol can be modified will serve the needs of business campaigns and activities.


Learn more >> https://sixprotocol.com/



SIX Protocol will become an alternative chain of choice for businesses needing to implement Web 3.0, bringing off-chain business to come to the blockchain side of the internet. Implementing SIX Protocol’s toolkits will ease the process of tokens or NFT issuing with the property of cross-chain functions.


Therefore, blockchain technology is not something complicated if you understand the working system and the components of a blockchain. Though it evolves in many ways from layer 2 or side chain, all in all, blockchain technology mainly concerns peer-to-peer transactions cutting out intermediaries and inefficiencies.

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