Let’s Get to Know More About the “Face” of SIX Network

Let’s Get to Know More About the “Face” of SIX Network

UX-UI designer

“Will you be able to learn how to design UX/UI on your own?”

“This will be very new for you!”

"Remember this design will be our representative."

If you are questioning who are the people behind the interface of each application in SIX Network, this past week I have had a chance to sit down around and talk to Boonyawat Pollert (Win), the one and only UX/UI Developer and Graphics & Arts Creator.


Win graduated with a degree in Educational Communication and Technology from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi and started his first job right away after graduating as a graphic designer.


He had substantial experience in designing the application interface but took the risk of the opportunity to learn a more exciting lesson after he started the job here at SIX Network back in 2018.

Taking the Risk of Opportunity


There’s no regret in life, just lessons.

In the beginning, Win was assigned to do presentations to present to our partners about the coming products for the budget fundraising. After ICO this is the time where Win was pushed to design the “face” of SIX Network from scratch.


“The investors are rushing us to see what we got. I was confused and unsure about the design I created. I was scared to make a move, but people here are sharing and encouraging me to pull out the skills inside.”

The first product of SIX Network is SIX Wallet. This wallet is for storing digital assets specifically for crypto SIX coins. The design Win made was functional and easy for people to understand, but he lacks the knowledge of what the user needs.


“I was guided by the Co-founder and Co-CEO here to help out with the project. Everything went well until the launching day became nearer”

The co-founder introduced Win to a high-traffic wallet website in the market, Exodus, to expand Win’s idea in creating art design.


Relatively, Win got the inspiration to create what most users in the crypto ecosystem need in their wallet app which is the graph. Not just only the decimal digit of their balance, but the graph will give the big picture for the users to track their balance visually.


Here comes the first draft meeting for the user interface design on the first product. It gets more intense when the launching date gets nearer and nearer.


Mr. Vachara Aemavat (Kuk), Co-CEO of SIX Network has lent his hand and been involved in briefing the design.

“I was very nervous and didn’t expect much that this first draft would end here. I revised and got approved, revised, got approved, revised, got approved, again, and again.”

Growing with SIX Fully like Foliage


Here at SIX Network, everyone works together collaboratively to establish the goal that was set for each phase and each project. The idea of progress to build trending technology comes to the state of mind where the CEO suggests a super application suitable for the new genre. 


SIXR was introduced to the team for developing the application in diverse directions. It aims to make a market engagement for the younger generation to get involved in the financial world and technology.

FUN FACT : During the first phase SIXR was pronounced sixer.

During the first concept of designing the app and its function, there are so many ideas put into it and almost too scattered. It includes the part where the community gives space for live streaming, conversation channel, the in-app marketplace, tokenize system, financial services, and more.

SIXR first concept

“I have a lot of fun doing the design for the application that is more favorable by the young people, just like me. The concept itself sounds fun already so I put the effort into it to make it playful and approachable. Not geeky anymore!”

In all of the concept ideas, the application SIXR was published with 5 features in the end. It acts as the channeling for connecting people of the same interest for the crypto world, digital asset management, game center to earn the token for the price, marketplace using the SIXR token for trading, seamless connection, and real-world application.

“The figure for the brand identity of SIXR app was the first thing I was told to design and I thought this character must be related to our partner, Joylada,

a sweet cutey. My first draft was based on our CEO in a cartoon form stand saluting.”

SIXR Application

“But jokes on me everyone seems to think I have created a virtual cartoon version of myself. It was crazy!”

But the team went with it and finally the application was released in mid-2019 and the name evolved into SIXR (six – ar) instead.

Passionate to Learn and to Shine


I questioned Win about his work life here at SIX Network, what was his motivation to want to come to work every day?


He said that at SIX he was not treated with a hierarchy system and that lessens the fear of approaching supervisors for help. It bound people together quickly.

“This is all I want in my work life, to be able to express ideas and receive feedback from higher management to forwarding our company.”

Growing spiritually along with intelligence makes it more effective to work and apply the skills in the real-world than the knowledge obtained from a classroom.

In this place, we keep each other tight so we could grow together.


“My role is not just to handle only graphic work, but I gain so many lessons from all of the aspects of the business. I have touched the surface of business operation knowledge, tech development team, and content marketing.”


I continued with a question, how does it feel to be the one and only UX/UI Designer and Graphics & Arts Creator?

“I’m wanted everywhere, I guess?”

“A lot to work on, a lot to know and how to finish these works before the deadline. Blog content making is the new role that I’m getting used to and improvise things

I know to create SEO for our outreach audience.”


It is a hard job for Win to accomplish all the works in a quality manner. I feel like if I’m Win I could not finish all the following works on its due date. 


Growing spiritually is essential, it helps a lot in prioritizing work, reduce stress,

it allows people to stay focused and work well in pressurized situations.



All that it matters is that the understanding environment will help people grow and go faster than the hierarchical status in the workplace. To Win knowing subtle to almost zero experience of UX/UI design and was given the opportunity to learn is far from what one could expect.


Even though how hard you strive for what you want, but there’s no room for you it means that your dream equals zero. Being push and pull is all great for learning, and learning makes you a new individual always. Stay tuned for Win’s new interface let me hear what you think by clicking.

Napathsorn Unchit
Napathsorn Unchit

Passionate about financial world and is an inverstor too! Giving out news update and blog post every month.
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