SIX Name Service (SNS) — A Decentralized Naming System on SIX Protocol


SIX Network launched the SIX Individual Node program for the first round on March 10, 2023, and the second round on March 14, 2023. One of the key benefits of participating in this program is getting a free one-year subscription to SIX Name Service (SNS), which is a decentralized naming system.

This service allows you to register a unique name of 6–25 characters with the “.six” extension. Today, we’ll deep dive into what SIX Name Service (SNS) is and why it’s important for the users.

What is SIX Name Service (SNS)?


SIX Name Service (SNS) is a decentralized naming system that enables users to register human-readable names to their wallet addresses or public keys on the SIX Protocol blockchain. In simpler terms, SIX Name Service (SNS) provides a way for users to easily associate a unique name with their wallet address, which brings simplicity to the blockchain experience and makes it easier to make a transaction on the blockchain.


Traditionally, sending cryptocurrency involved copying and pasting a long, complex wallet address, which could be prone to errors. With SIX Name Service (SNS), users can instead register a name that is easy to remember and share, making the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency much simpler and more user-friendly.


With SIX Name Service (SNS), users can register a unique name with 6–25 characters with the.six extensions. The name is owned by the users who register them in a certain period of time (1 year) and is unique, which means that each public key or wallet address can register with one unique SNS.

Benefits of SIX Name Service (SNS)


Registering your name or business name on SIX Name Service (SNS), has several benefits, including


1. User-friendly

Instead of relying on long and unreadable complex text as a wallet address or public key, you can register a name that is easy to remember and share. This makes it easier for you and other users to receive and send digital assets and recognize each other by name.


2. Branding and marketing opportunities

Registering your business name on SNS can help you establish a unique online presence and brand on the SIX Protocol blockchain. This can help you reach a wider audience and potentially attract new customers, leading to an opportunity to expand in the blockchain ecosystem.


3. Protection against name squatting

By registering your name or business name on SNS, you can prevent others from registering it and potentially using it for fraudulent purposes such as identity theft or phishing. SNS names are unique and owned by the users who register them, giving you full control and protection over your name.


Overall, SIX Name Service (SNS) offers a user-friendly, secure, and efficient way to interact with the SIX Protocol blockchain, providing several benefits for individuals and businesses alike.

How to use SIX Name Service (SNS)


SIX Name Service (SNS) is currently free for one year for SIX Individual Node program participants which you can easily purchase at https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node.


To purchase SIX Individual Node and use SIX Name Service (SNS): you can follow these steps


1. Purchase a SIX Individual Node by going to https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node and clicking “PURCHASE NOW” in the Individual Node section


2. Choose your desired name, which can either be a name you select yourself (between 6–25 characters) or one generated by the system.


3. Input the number of nodes you want to purchase.


4. After entering the necessary information, the system will automatically generate your SIX Name Service (SNS) and you will receive a free one-year subscription to use it. This service is included with the purchase of your SIX Individual Node.


When a user registers a name on the SIX Individual Node program, the name is stored on the SIX Name Service (SNS) along with their wallet address or public key. This creates a permanent link between the user’s name and their address, which can be used to identify and interact with smart contracts, tokens, and other resources on the SIX Protocol blockchain.

SIX Name Service (SNS) and the Future of Web 3.0


As more and more people and businesses adopt blockchain technology, SIX Name Service (SNS) will become an essential component of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Its ease of use, security, and branding opportunities make SNS a valuable tool for anyone looking to establish a presence on the blockchain. By embracing SIX Name Service (SNS), we can help accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 and build a more decentralized world for everyone.


you can easily purchase one at 👉 https://sixprotocol.com/become-a-node. And if you have any questions, our support team is ready to help. Just reach out to us on Discord and open a support ticket.

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