Summary of Q1 2024 Highlights for SIX Network

Summary of Q1 2024 Highlights for SIX Network

SIX Network made strategic advancements in the first quarter of 2024, announcing our Roadmap 2024. Key milestones were established, with significant opportunities for dedicated ambassadors to contribute to the achievement. 


This summary highlights SIX Network’s Q1 activities, including an exclusive live AMA with Co-CEOs for the Roadmap 2024 announcement, the SIX Pack Program, monthly community calls, Crypto Campfire sessions, and ongoing contributions. These activities underline the importance of community, innovation, and knowledge-sharing as we continue building for the future.


Roadmap 2024 Announced in Exclusive LIVE AMA with Co-CEOs

Roadmap 2024 Announced in Exclusive LIVE AMA with Co-CEOs

SIX Network has announced our 2024 Roadmap in an exclusive LIVE AMA session with Co-CEOs on Thursday, 8th Feb 2024, at 6 PM (ICT Time) on our Facebook Page. The roadmap includes SIX Protocol upgrades to a modular blockchain, enhancement of DeFi products with new features, partnerships with global projects, and the development of products on the presentation layer.



Our current goal is to expand the SIX Protocol ecosystem, utilizing a modular blockchain for increased efficiency, scalability, and network expansion. We are enhancing DeFi products, fostering liquidity access, and integrating with various blockchains. Collaborations with global projects providing technology expertise and financial support. Moreover, our efforts concentrate on developing a user-friendly Presentation Layer, simplifying blockchain access with products like SIX Vault and Gen 2 Studio to streamline blockchain usage for businesses.


Our strategy aims to provide ongoing value to SIX holders, rewarding them through Node Staking and anticipating airdrops. The development of DeFi and global partnerships continues to boost SIX token liquidity, potentially granting special privileges to holders from collaborating businesses.


For more details, please visit: SIX Network Roadmap 2024 


SIX Network called for passionate SIX Ambassadors to join the SIX Pack Program

SIX Network called for passionate SIX Ambassadors to join the SIX Pack Program

SIX Network invited everyone to contribute to our revolutionary journey through the SIX Pack Program: The Ab-solute, the pioneering initiative that allows community members to contribute to what they believe in and make a meaningful impact. 


As Phase One of the SIX Ambassador Program began, passionate advocates sought to share the message of SIX Network’s secure scaling. Whether a content creator, supporter, or technical ambassador, there was a place for you in our vibrant community.


We selected five contributors based on the significance of their contributions. Being part of the SIX Pack Program offered the opportunity to experience monthly recognition, exclusive gear, and early access privileges. Participants were able to actively contribute to shaping the future, unlocking various perks, and refining their skills.


For more details, please visit SIX Pack : The Ab-solute


SIX Network Strengthened Community Engagement Through Monthly Community Calls and Crypto Campfire

SIX Network Strengthened Community Engagement Through Monthly Community Calls and Crypto Campfire

SIX Network aimed to grow a dynamic blockchain community through our Monthly Community Calls and Crypto Campfire sessions, providing opportunities for knowledge-sharing and engaging discussions.


Session Highlights:


  • Monthly Community Call: ‘#Modular Blockchain’ with Stocker Day

In this session, the crypto expert “Stocker Day” explored the potential of modular blockchain technology and discussed its relevance in the 2024 landscape.


  • Crypto Campfire with Ploy Talk: ‘Trends of Blockchain in 2024’

Ploy Talk offered insights into the trends shaping the blockchain industry during that year.


  • Crypto Campfire Special: NFT Insights and SIX Airdrop with iKnowTerry

The renowned Thai NFT educator, iKnowTerry, led a session on NFTs. Attendees had the opportunity to win SIX Network Airdrop rewards.


If you’re interested in our session, let’s be a part of the SIX Network Discord community at https://discord.com/invite/sixnetwork.



SIX Network Announces Strategic Partnership and Investment in ContributionDAO

SIX Network Announces Strategic Partnership and Investment in ContributionDAO

SIX Network announced a strategic investment and partnership with ContributionDAO, an institutional-graded blockchain infrastructure and staking services.


ContributionDAO announced their direction to become The Digital Asset Staking platform built for institutions and the community. They have contributed to over 60 blockchain projects and have over $200 million in staked assets.


This partnership opens up new opportunities to access global projects, aligning perfectly with SIX Network’s core value of promoting blockchain adoption since ContributionDAO has a strong reputation within the global blockchain community. Also, it can lead to new benefits for the users in the SIX Protocol ecosystem such as extra airdrops from global projects as a reward.



Bitget Thai KOL Meetup

SIX Network and Biget Thai KOL Meetup event

Bitget, a leading global exchange, joined forces with SIX Network to host an exclusive Thai KOL meetup. This event brought together influential figures, thought leaders, and key players from the Thai crypto community, providing a platform for them to connect, share insights, and explore potential partnerships.


By facilitating face-to-face interactions and encouraging open discussions, the meetup aimed to strengthen the bonds within the industry, promote knowledge exchange, and create new opportunities for growth and innovation. This collaboration between Bitget and SIX Network underscores their shared commitment to supporting the development of the crypto ecosystem in Thailand and beyond.   



Build Strong Foundation

In the first quarter of 2024, SIX Network started a new and exciting journey by sharing our ambitious Roadmap 2024 and setting the stage for our next phase of growth. This roadmap acts as our guide, focusing on moving to a modular blockchain structure, improving our DeFi products, and creating user-friendly presentation layer products. Not only did we share our plan, but we also started working on making it a reality.


Our strategic partnership and investment in ContributionDAO is a great example of how we are actively working towards achieving our roadmap goals. This collaboration fits perfectly with our long-term vision, opening up many opportunities for SIX Network to grow globally and create new partnerships with important players in the industry. At the same time, our dedicated team has been working hard on developing our own products and collaborating with our valued business partners on exciting new projects, which are expected to be announced in the coming months.

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