SIX Network Is Ready to Upgrade SIX Bridge and Individual Node Program: The Schedule and What to Prepare

We would like to announce that SIX Bridge will be an updated bridge feature to the SIX Protocol chain and Individual Node Staking will be available for you to join very soon. Today we would like to tell you the upcoming schedule of the updates and what to prepare.


SIX Bridge Major Update to SIX Protocol Chain

There are 2 major updates coming to the SIX Bridge. On March 1, the SIX Bridge will be upgraded and the bridge feature to the SIX Protocol chain will be available. With this upgrade, you will be able to use the bridge feature to bridge your SIX Token to the SIX Protocol to prepare for joining the Individual Node program. 


In order to complete the upgrade, there will be maintenance occurring from 12 PM to 3 PM (GMT+7) on March 1. During that period, the bridge will be temporarily unavailable until the major upgrade is completed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We suggest you prepare for the upcoming Individual Node program by preparing to bridge your 20,000 SIX Tokens to the SIX Protocol chain when the upgraded bridge is launched. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to do this soon.


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Individual Node Launch

Individual Node Program will be available on March 10. For individuals who want to support the SIX Protocol network by running a validator node. To ensure the security and performance of the SIX Protocol, SIX Network uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that requires validator nodes to process and validate transactions.


By running a validator node on the SIX Protocol, investors can earn rewards in the form of SIX tokens while contributing to the overall security and performance of the network. 


To become a SIX Network individual node, investors must stake an initial deposit of 20,000 SIX tokens for each individual node. Individual node staking is a unique and rewarding approach to staking that offers significant benefits for investors looking to support the growth and development of the SIX ecosystem. 


Benefits of Participating In Individual Node Program

Being an Individual node staking provides benefits such as improved network security, involvement in the network’s operations, and earning rewards in SIX tokens. 


Running a validator node enhances the SIX Protocol’s infrastructure and helps to protect it from fraud from the more decentralized consensus method Moreover, Validators receive rewards based on their performance and it is a rewarding way for investors to support the growth of the blockchain industry while earning rewards.


Be Prepared for Updates

In conclusion, Two important updates are being rolled out which will introduce new features and improve the overall user experience for users and the utility of the tokens and network.


SIX Bridge Maintenance on Mar 1, 2023

SIX Bridge will be undergoing maintenance on March 1 from 12 PM to 3 PM (GMT+7). This maintenance is necessary to implement upgrades to the bridge. Once the maintenance is complete, you will be able to use the new features of the upgraded bridge. If you are planning to bridge to the SIX Protocol chain, be sure to do so after the maintenance period has ended.

Launch of Individual Node Program on March 10

SIX Network will launch the Individual Node Program on March 10, which will enable users to become a part of SIX Protocol’’s infrastructure and earn rewards. If you are interested in joining this program, you should prepare to bridge your 20,000 SIX tokens to the SIX Protocol chain when the upgraded bridge is launched. By doing so, you will be able to participate in the Individual Node Program easily on the launch date.


We will provide detailed instructions on how to bridge your tokens and join the Individual Node Program soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new development.


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