Event Wrap-up: SIX Protocol at Thailand Crypto Expo 2022

On 6-9 October 2022, SIX Network attended Thailand’s Crypto Expo at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, which was our second time at Thailand Crypto Expo!


This article recaps what happened at the event for those who might have missed it. Let’s get started!


About the event


The “Thailand Crypto Expo” event is one of Thailand’s biggest crypto expos and was first introduced in May 2022.


Similar to the previous expo, this 4 days event had various types of exhibitors and projects from around the globe, with many speakers sharing their knowledge and projects in different sessions throughout the event.

SIX Network & SIX Protocol showcase

Our team’s sole purpose at the event is to carry on the narrative about what we do and connect with the community, in which we presented various aspects of the SIX Network, including our history, SIX Token, SIX Protocol, Xclusive marketplace, past NFT projects and our latest “NFT Gen 2.”


We also received tremendous support from our community members, who came to interact with us and participated in our in-booth activities. For that, we’re super thankful! 

In-booth Activities: NFT Gen 2 Experience


One of the main highlights of this event is our NFT Gen 2 activity. We were giving away the world’s first NFT Gen 2 collection, Whale Gate Collection,” in the form of paper wallets exclusively for the attendees of this event!


Once the attendees have received the paper wallet, they will have to complete the in-booth missions in order to get points that are embedded in each NFT. 

The missions ranged from checking in at the booth to taking photos of the booth and fun quizzes. Moreover, the points given to the NFT could be used to redeem SIX Protocol’s exclusive premium.

Throughout the whole event, this activity received a lot of positive feedback from the community. If you have visited, we hope that you had a fantastic experience at our booth 🙂

You can explore the Whale Gate Collection here


Explore Whale Gate Collection on Xclusive: http://xclusive.market/en/marketplace/KLAYTN/0x898bb3b662419e79366046C625A213B83fB4809B


Explore Whale Gate Collection on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/whalegate

Xclusive & Favorlet showcase


Apart from our fun activities, we have also showcased ‘Favorlet’ and ‘Xclusive,’ a Multi-chain NFT marketplace that is a collaboration between SIX Network, Finger Labs, and Xeno, to the Thailand Crypto Expo.

This is a great opportunity for us to introduce more of our projects from South Korea to Thailand. Many curious attendees wanted to know about Xclusive and how they could play their part.


It is worth mentioning that during the time of this event, Xclusive also hosted an airdrop activity on Twitter for those who came by and said hi at the booth. You can check out the activity below.

Speaker session by SIX Network’s CEOs


On 8 October 2022, our Co-founders and Co-CEOs, Mr. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong and Mr. Vachara Aemawat, were invited to join the speaker session from 2.10– 2.40 P.M. (GMT+7). In this session, they discussed the SIX Protocol and the technology beyond NFTs, “NFT Gen 2.”


The session is called “Implementing NFTs and Blockchain for mainstream business.” 

Here is a list of what our CEOs have covered in the session:


SIX Protocol – Core Structures and services

NFT Gen 2 – The technology beyond NFTs

“The Dynamic Data Layer”

NFT Vs. NFT Gen 2


After the speaker session ended, both of our CEOs came to greet and take photos with the attendees at the booth.

Node Validator Partners Visit & Networking Session


After the speaker session, our team met with our Validator Node partners, who came to experience the NFT Gen 2 activities and network with other validators, making our booth very crowded that Saturday afternoon.



Once again, Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 has been an enjoyable 4 days for us at SIX Network & SIX Protocol 👏🏻

The team would like to thank everyone who came to show us support in our booth, plus all exhibitors and media that came to say hi and connect. Until next time!

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