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SIX Network is excited to announce our continued efforts to onboard top industry-leading businesses to the Web3 space using SIX Protocol, our first-ever public blockchain. As we aim to provide innovative solutions to help businesses grow in the fields of blockchain, crypto, and NFTs, we are thrilled to announce that our team is working hard to develop an NFT project that will change the way businesses utilize NFTs in the real world.


Introducing “NFT Gen 2,” an innovation that seamlessly connects the power of NFTs with real-world businesses. We are confident that this project has the potential to shape the future of NFTs globally. We invite all interested parties to stay updated as we continue to push the limits of what is possible in the decentralized blockchain space.

SIX Roadmap Overview


In 2023, SIX Network will work on creating more products and focus on its use cases. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for businesses and communities. Last year, we launched “SIX Protocol” which is an infrastructure blockchain and we have partnered with business node validators to ensure that SIX Protocol is secure.


Next, we developed the Dynamic Data Layer technology on the SIX Protocol chain and launched the “NFT Gen 2”  which is a major highlight for SIX Network in the year 2022.


NFT Gen 2 is the on-chain solution of SIX Protocol, developed by SIX Network. The purpose of creating NFT Gen 2 is to enhance the utility of the NFT and make businesses able to implement NFT for real-world business activities. It is a new NFT Technology that links to metadata on the SIX Protocol chain without interfering with metadata on other blockchains. So, It can be used with any existing NFT.


NFT Gen 2 expands the capabilities of NFTs and allows for a variety of use cases such as transformable NFTs, NFT loyalty point programs, NFT ticketing, etc, depending on the business needs.


The main focus in 2023 is business use cases. So, We’re planning to launch new products to improve business applications, such as BUIDLER Garage, Partner Hub, SIX Vault, and SIX.Zone and NFT Staking. So, Let’s get an example overview of  these products.


For example, if companies want to use NFT Gen 2, they can create their own NFT collections at the “NFT BUIDLER garage“. Then, SIX Network also provides a “Partner Hub”, where we combine  NFT collections from all partners and provide NFT for users with more options. So, we can say that BUIDLER garage is where NFTs are created, then put their collection to the Partner Hub, where users can browse and purchase NFTs.


Then, We also have “SIX Vault”, a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Users can send, receive and redeem NFTs from the Partner Hub and can access NFT Staking features through integration with Definix.


Lastly, “SIX.Zone”, a powerful marketing tool that aims to connect the Web 2.0 and 3.0 worlds. The platform provides tools and features that make it easy for businesses to run marketing campaigns across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc. With SIX.Zone, businesses can use many features to reach their target audience, engage with potential customers, and drive conversions. It provides the necessary tools to accomplish any marketing goal.

Buidler Garage

1.NFT BUIDLER Garage is a tool that provides essential features and services for businesses and creators to create their NFT collections with marketing campaigns using Gen 2. BUIDLER Garage is built on top of the SIX Protocol infrastructure and is connected to SNS, the decentralized naming system for the SIX Protocol blockchain. With BUIDLER Garage, businesses and creators can create marketing campaigns that allow them to take full advantage of the possibilities of NFTs such as NFT ticketing, NFT loyalty programs, NFT discount programs etc and promote their digital assets to a wider audience.


2.Partner Hub is a platform designed to help businesses and creators list and market their NFT collections on the SIX Protocol blockchain. Partner Hub is built on top of the SIX Protocol infrastructure, which uses SIX tokens as gas fees for all transactions within the ecosystem. Partner Hub allows businesses and creators to create and register marketing campaigns for their NFT collections, such as NFT membership cards for earning and redeeming points, NFT ticketing for events, and NFT music. 


On the other hand, users can join Partner Hub, surf an interesting NFT campaign you prefer to invest in. Each campaign has a built-in loyalty point program which means your NFT could earn and redeem points directly on the platform. Every single point is valuable, we provide the point exchange system to redeem your privilege as you wish. 


3.SIX.Zone is a platform that helps in marketing campaigns that engage and promote users to the business. It helps run the competition from anywhere around the world by creating an event connecting Facebook, Twitter, and Discord engaging users in the activities created by businesses, in the form of Community Management, for marketing purposes. With Web 3.0 integration SIX.Zone enabled decentralized wallet connection for users to get involved in the Whitelist Activity and Raffle Campaign.


Furthermore, SIX.Zone is a social integration tool for connecting your application with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Our platform enables users to increase engagement and reach. Easily import user data and allow social media log in, with built-in analytics and support.

SIX Name Service

4.Six Name Service (SNS) is a decentralized system that allows users to associate human-readable names with addresses on the SIX Protocol blockchain. These names can be used to identify and interact with smart contracts, tokens, and other resources on the SIX Protocol blockchain. SNS names are unique, owned by the users who register them, and may be compatible with other decentralized protocols. SNS is designed to make it easier for users to navigate and interact with the SIX Protocol ecosystem.


5.SIX Vault is a decentralized wallet designed for managing digital assets. Users can easily send, receive, store cryptocurrencies, including NFTs, safely and securely on the SIX Vault. Additionally, they can collect NFTs and access the latest DApps platforms that support SIX Vault. The goal of SIX Vault is to expand the token market by inviting users who are not yet familiar with the blockchain system to experience our easy, reliable, and secure services.

NFT Staking

6.NFT Staking (Powered by Definix) is a feature on Definix that offers a unique opportunity for NFT holders to earn rewards by staking NFT. This feature allows users to earn rewards on their NFT assets without having to sell them. In addition, staking on our platform helps to increase the demand for NFTs, which can help to increase their value.

AR Profile ID

7.AR Profile ID : The AR-Profile ID is an emerging product that allows users to create an augmented reality (AR) representation of their NFT Gen2 profile picture, which can be displayed on various channels such as social media, metaverse, or any platform that supports AR display.

Developer Hub

8.Developer Hub is where developers will have access to NFT Gen 2 technology to use in their own projects. Our team will be providing documentation, tutorials, sample code, and other resources to learn about NFT Gen 2, and how to use them. Additionally, it also provides software development kits (SDKs), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other tools. They can open tickets on our Discord channel to request for tutorials and ask any questions as they build on our technology.


9.SIX Bridge is the portal to convert SIX Tokens effortlessly to another blockchain for convenience use on Definix. It is a tool that enables users to convert their SIX Tokens from one blockchain to another, supporting BEP20, Stellar, Klaytn and SIX Protocol.

Learn more : https://bridge.six.network/

SIX Protocol

10.SIX Protocol Infrastructure is a blockchain protocol developed by SIX Network.  was created to help businesses adopt blockchain technology by providing the necessary tools and services. We aim to make it easier for businesses to use this innovative technology and prepare for the future. We also have NFT Gen 2 built on this.

Learn more : https://sixprotocol.com/

Special Project


SIX Network has exciting plans for the future, with special projects that we work on and collaboration with other projects. We are currently in the process of negotiations and we ask for your patience as we work to bring these projects out to the real world.


We believe that these projects have the potential to bring a lot of value to our community and we are eager to share more details with you as soon as they are available. We would like to remind you that we will keep you updated on our progress, and we’re sure that you will be as excited about them as we are.

SIX Token – The fuel of the SIX Protocol

SIX tokens are a cryptocurrency of the SIX Network that plays an important role. SIX is used for spending as a transactional fee, governing the system, and redeeming the services on the SIX Protocol.

SIX Burn

SIX Burn: The Mechanics for decreasing the supply of SIX Token

The SIX Network’s tokenomics model is designed to benefit all stakeholders by utilizing the SIX Token as a key component of the ecosystem’s infrastructure. The NFT BUIDLER Garage allows businesses to create and utilize NFT Gen 2 through the use of SIX Tokens as gas fees. Additionally, our Defi platform, Definix, also utilizes SIX Tokens as gas fee. More products are planned to expand the use cases for SIX Tokens within the ecosystem.

This tokenomics model aims to decrease the overall supply of SIX Tokens by using them as gas fees for transactions and services within the ecosystem. This creates real-world demand for the token, increases its value and utility, and helps to drive adoption. Regular token burns also contribute to decreasing the overall supply, further increasing the scarcity and value of remaining tokens.

By using SIX Tokens as gas fees, incentivizing token holders to use and hold them, the demand and value of the token within the ecosystem will be increased. As the demand for the token increases, so does its value, creating an incentive for businesses and users to participate in the ecosystem, drive its growth and adoption. This approach aims to create a sustainable and dynamic ecosystem that generates value for all its participants.
SIX mainnet

SIX Protocol’s 2nd generation mainnet


SIX Network is excited to announce the launch of our 2nd generation mainnet, “SIXNET” which will be based on the Cosmos SDK blockchain. This new blockchain will feature the advanced consensus algorithm of Ignite with Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant (BFT) PoS. We will be gradually opening up our public network, starting with support modules including Auth, Bank, Validator, Gov, Staking, CosmWasm, ProtocolAdmin, TokenMngr (Token Manager), Cosmovisor (Upgrade), NFTAdmin, NFTMngr and NFTOracle. We are also providing the developer community with the SIX-SDK, REST and gRPC interfaces, as we strive to provide the best access to our chain. This is an exciting development in our mission to innovate and revolutionize the way businesses use NFTs in the real world.


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