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Welcome to the Q2 2023 recap of SIX Network. This quarter, SIX Network has made impressive progress by announcing partnerships, participating in an event, launching giveaway campaigns, updating SIX Protocol EVM, and being listed in the top global exchange.


Are you ready to explore these exciting developments and the progress made by SIX Network? Let’s get started!

SIX Network Joined Bitkub Chain as a PoS Consensus Node Partner

SIX Network announced a partnership with Bitkub Chain, a transformative blockchain network developed by Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.


This collaboration signified a significant step in advancing blockchain technology adoption and underscored the commitment of both SIX Network and Bitkub Chain to drive technological innovation in the industry.


Serving as a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus node partner, SIX Network’s role included validating transactions and ensuring Bitkub Chain’s network stability, demonstrating the dedication of both companies to driving technological innovation.


This partnership aimed to make blockchain technology accessible to a wider audience and drive its adoption across industries, promising innovative use cases for the future of decentralized technologies.


Read the full announcement here: https://bit.ly/3O1sCqM

SIX Network Revolutionized Bitkub Metaverse with Next-Level NFT Utilities

The collaboration between SIX Network and Bitkub Metaverse aimed to introduce and improve utilities in the virtual world. For example, in the retail sector, NFTs enabled virtual ownership of exclusive products and offered valuable tools for marketing and branding purposes in the virtual world.


This partnership signified a significant step in the development of Bitkub Metaverse, as it demonstrated the potential for blockchain-based technologies, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies to reshape the virtual landscape and create innovative and immersive experiences for users in Thailand and beyond.


Read the full announcement here: https://bit.ly/3NYaQVq

SIX Token Migrated to Ethereum (ERC-20)

SIX Token migrated from Stellar to Ethereum. The migration was crucial due to the powerful capabilities of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).


Being on the Ethereum chain allowed for interactions with EVM-based smart contracts for the SIX token. This shift meant that the scope of development could extend to all the chains compatible with the EVM.


So, SIX Network could create diverse DApps and explore new use cases. Being part of Ethereum’s extensive ecosystem gave SIX Network better liquidity and exposure to a vibrant community of developers, more support from top exchanges, and built trust with global enterprises and institutions.


Read the full announcement here: https://bit.ly/45kQWLd

SIX Bridge Upgraded to Support Ethereum

SIX Bridge was a crucial part of the SIX token migration from Stellar Lumen to the Ethereum chain, and it underwent a major upgrade on August 17, 2023, at 1 PM (UTC+7).


This upgrade made the bridge fully compatible with the Ethereum chain, allowing users to easily transfer their SIX token from Stellar Lumen to Ethereum, which made it easier for users to support the migration of SIX token.


Read the full announcement here: https://bit.ly/3slPMAL

SIX Token (by SIX Network) Listed on LBank Exchange

SIX Network announced the listing of its Token, $SIX, on LBank Exchange, a top crypto exchange with 9 million users from more than 210 regions worldwide. The trading pair SIX/USDT became officially available for trading at 6:00 UTC on August 17, 2023.


With exposure to a broader audience through LBank Exchange, the increased liquidity and enhanced accessibility of the SIX token contributed to its credibility and recognition within the cryptocurrency community.


This listing had the potential to foster partnerships, encourage wider adoption, and contribute to the growth of the SIX Network ecosystem. Additionally, it provided a seamless channel for investors to participate in the SIX token.


The global exchange presence invited collaboration opportunities, stimulated community engagement, and laid the foundation for future developments and innovations within the SIX Network.


Read the Full announcement here https://bit.ly/47yzLb6

SIX Network’s NFT Gen 2 boosted engagements at Techsauce Global Summit 2023 with over 5,000 Interactions from Attendees

SIX Network’s innovative use of NFT Gen2 as part of the Dynamic Data Layer at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023 transformed user engagement. By integrating NFTs into the event experience, attendees changed from observers to active participants, fostering connections and curiosity.


The impact of user engagement (Check-in) was evident in the data below:

• 5,268 User Engagements

• 1,798 Zone Engagements

• 1,790 Stage Attendance Engagements

• 1,680 Exhibition and Booth Engagements


This approach demonstrated the potential of NFTs in enhancing event participation and interaction. Moreover, SIX Network aimed at consistently improving the Dynamic Data Layer technology to broaden its accessibility and engagement for a large and diverse user base.


Read the full announcement here https://bit.ly/3KXT1ou

SIX Network Held a Text AMA Session with CryptoPanda

SIX Network, a blockchain solutions company, aimed to expand its reach in the Korean community by holding a text AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with CryptoPanda, a popular Korean community.


Some of the key topics that were discussed during the AMA include:

• SIX Network’s mission and vision

• SIX Protocol and its features

• SIX Network’s partners and upcoming partnerships

• SIX token and its utility

• The challenges and opportunities facing SIX Network


The AMA was a success, helping SIX Network achieve its goal of expanding to the Korean community. The company is now well-positioned to grow its business in the Korean market.


Read the full blog here: https://bit.ly/3L8to4K

SIX Network partnered with One Asia Ventures to develop the “One Asia Member Pass NFT”

SIX Network had partnered with One Asia Ventures to develop the “One Asia Member Pass NFT.” This collaboration aimed to enrich the event experience by offering exceptional benefits for members.


One Asia Ventures specializes in artist provider, media, and event management services based in Thailand. With over 5 years of experience, the company was one of Asia’s top event consultants, organizing over 500 successful events and consulting on 174 shows.


The “One Asia Member Pass NFT” offered annual benefits, including 50% discounts for three events: Unseen Music Festival, Siam Songkran Music Festival, and Creamfield’s Thailand. Two membership tiers were available: GA (Silver) and VIP (Gold), each with its unique perks and limited availability.


Read the full announcement here: https://bit.ly/3FR0pzn

SIX Network and iAM, the licensing partner of BNK48, Joined Hands for NFT Gen2 Advancements for Fanclub and BNK Holders

SIX Network and iAM, the licensing partner of BNK48, had partnered to bring a collaboration that drove the BNK token experience through NFT Gen 2. This partnership offered a new level of engagement and exclusive benefits for the BNK community.


SIX Network created a collection of NFTs integrated within the iAM48 app on TokenX Chain. Leveraging a Dynamic Data Layer, this NFT collection leveraged and integrated with the Dynamic Data Layer, developed by SIX Protocol, ensuring a seamless and innovative user experience.


This collaboration enhanced the BNK fan experience, introducing them to an enriched world of Web3. Incorporating NFTs into different aspects of the iAM48 community delivered more benefits and made the BNK token journey even more exciting.


Read Full Announcements: https://bit.ly/3LtzwVg

GalaxiaMetaverse, SIX Network, and Web3.0 Global Business Cooperation MOU Signed


GalaxiaMetaverse, a leading domestic blockchain company, announced on the 22nd that they had established a strategic partnership with SIX Network for global business cooperation related to Web3.


Through that partnership agreement, both companies aimed to provide innovative technologies and services, supporting users to experience the Web3.0 ecosystem in a more convenient and secure manner.


GalaxiaMetaverse and SIX Network planned to collaborate on integrating and operating various solutions and services using their respective business capabilities, expertise, customer base, and networks. They also focused on building a secure and efficient trading environment for digital assets using blockchain technology and utility tokens, Galaxia(GXA) and SIX Coin(SIX).


On the other hand, GalaxiaMetaverse was actively collaborating with global partners and expanding its ecosystem by launching various services for users, such as Galaxia(GXA) raffles.


Read the full announcement here: https://bit.ly/3Proq4m

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