SIX Network Roadmap 2024: Ready to Ride the Big Tide


2024 is an exciting year, with major events and trends set to occur. The approval of the Bitcoin ETF has made the crypto market more appealing, and there’s more buzz with the upcoming Bitcoin halving. Meanwhile, developers in the industry are keeping things exciting by coming up with new creative ideas and solutions under a fresh narrative. Those positive events and newly-shipped inventions in the market can be interpreted as a prelude of the bullish wave.


At SIX Network, we’re getting ready to catch the big trends and ride the big tide. The year may be full of exciting possibilities, and SIX Network has a plan to navigate and grab whatever opportunities come our way.


With such positive signals in the market and an expected bullish trend, we can sum up the objectives of the 2024 year plan just as follows:

  • • Well-prepared, follow, and align with the industry’s highlighted narrative.
  • • Explore Blockchain opportunities; we’re ready to tap into multiple ecosystems.
  • • Improve the performance and ecosystem of SIX Protocol.
  • • Collaborate and expand our business, growing valuable connections with partners.

Ready to Ride the Big Tide

To achieve the aforementioned objectives and make us ready for the next bull, we have the following 4 scopes of a game plan to explain to you just as written below.


1. SIX Protocol Upgrade: The Modular Update

SIX Protocol is preparing for a purposeful upgrade, in order to be a flexible infrastructure which is accessible by businesses, developers, and other infrastructure providers. This upgrade is the implementation of the modular blockchain concept to the SIX Protocol. 


The modular blockchain concept is an effective approach that has been widely discussed in the global crypto industry recently since Celestia unveiled the direction about Data Availability. After that, there are many global players like Avail and Dymension, and others, working on the modular concept to build the more effective blockchain infrastructure in the big picture. 

According to this concept, the core functions of a single blockchain network, which include execution, settlement, consensus, and data availability, will be separated. A traditional blockchain is like one person doing many jobs all by themselves. But with the modular approach, it’s like having a team where each person is good at and does just one job. 

This way, tasks are split up and handled by different chains, enhancing the overall performance and scalability of the blockchain.


What SIX Network is aiming to do is work on the modular concept, starting with the execution and consensus functions. By implementing this concept, it will allow SIX Protocol to be able to work and collaborate with other modular blockchains, which are working on different functions. That leads to more potential to work with global projects and scale the SIX Protocol ecosystem conveniently.


2. DeFi Strategic Transformation: Expanding Across Diverse Blockchains

DeFi is a part of our ecosystem. In this year, managing our DeFi elements in the ecosystem is what we aim to do. The main objective is to power up our DeFi-related products to be relevant to multiple chain ecosystems. Currently, the wave of new chains with new technology is emerging. Improving on our side will help the SIX Network ecosystem easier to expand and attract resources from multiple networks.


There are the following aspects which we work along in order to improve:


Tokenomics Improvement:

The concern about tokenomics is included as a part of the transformation. Not just only the product functions, the features that we expect to introduce have to be relevant to the SIX token’s economy, which may lead to more effective tokenomics in the future.


Enhanced Liquidity Access:

Liquidity is one of the important elements in the crypto world. The transformation will be executed with the idea of getting more access to liquidity, which can lead to solid financial strengths and sustained expansion in the long run.


Multi-Chain Integration:

Multi-chain Integration plays an important role in the DeFi transformation strategy. SIX Network aims to facilitate seamless transactions and interactions by placing significant emphasis on multi-chain integration. Enabling multi-chain integration enhances accessibility and opens up new avenues for users to engage with the SIX ecosystem.


3. Global Collaboration and Support for Projects

As part of our commitment to establishing a global presence, SIX Network will support and collaborate with projects in the global ecosystem, going as a dedicated supporter and unlocking new business opportunities.

Since the beginning of 2024, SIX Network has initiated collaboration with a project within the global ecosystem, laying the foundation to enter the emerging ecosystem.


SIX Network will provide technical expertise and financial backing to carefully selected projects. This positioning identifies SIX Network as a key contributor, leading to increased visibility, partnerships, and integrations with SIX Network products and the SIX Protocol ecosystem.


4. Continuation of  Implementing Products for Real-World Businesses

In alignment with our renewed vision – Simplifying Blockchain Adoption, Amplify Business – SIX Network has successfully implemented and delivered products to businesses in various industries. As we move into 2024, the focus remains on sustaining and expanding these achievements by closely collaborating with businesses embracing blockchain technology.


Key Highlights and Continuation Strategy:

Improving the Presentation Layer

We can categorize the products we’ve developed, such as SIX Vault and Gen 2 Studio, as part of the presentation layer. This layer is what users interact with to access and utilize blockchain functions. An enhanced presentation layer will enable people to access the blockchain more conveniently and seamlessly use blockchain applications.


Last year, SIX Network invested significant effort into enhancing the presentation layer, aiming to help businesses and clients overcome the challenges of onboarding users to blockchain-based business activities.

This year, integrated with the modularly upgraded infrastructure of the SIX Protocol chain, the presentation layer will be enhanced further, becoming a more effective solution for real-world businesses.


NFT Gen 2 Integration:


Gen 2 Studio (Ex-NFT BUIDLER Garage) :


SIX Vault:


As we advance into 2024, our commitment to implementing and enhancing SIX products for real-world businesses remains unwavering. We look forward to collaboration with our partners, driving innovation and facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology in diverse and global business activities.

Benefits for SIX Holders

The adoption of the modular blockchain approach will significantly update the consensus system within the SIX Protocol ecosystem once the core structure is established. This will transition the SIX Protocol to a public proof of stake system, removing existing limitations and allowing more SIX holders to participate in node staking. As a result, more SIX tokens will be locked in nodes, reducing their availability on the market. The staking participants will be able to enjoy rewards from staking SIX tokens as well as get possible airdrops.


A strategic transformation towards DeFi and support for global projects will open new doors of opportunity, leading to increased usage, transactions, and liquidity within the SIX Protocol ecosystem. This will create a conducive environment for long-term growth.


The continuous integration of SIX products into real-world businesses will extend the reach of the SIX Network beyond the realm of cryptocurrency and establish strong connections with the real sector. Real-world business projects may also offer occasional privileges for SIX holders.


Everything we do aims to create essential values for holders and establish a sustainable business.


Please stay tuned for our exciting preparation for the big bull!  

Started Strong, Stay on Track

SInce the beginning of 2024, we have already kicked off the projects and what to do for this year and will continue to strive for being well-prepared for the next bullish market. Our works under the aforementioned scopes will be announced throughout this year. 


Please stay tuned for our exciting preparation for the big bull!  




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