SIX Network Q1-Q2 Half Year Summary

Summary of SIX Network working progress in 2022

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From the very beginning of the year 2022, SIX Network has been releasing a new launch plans and projects along the line for SIX Network & Definix community together to make connections and engagement, creating the most positive effect for all partners and SIX holders. 


Therefore, it’s about the time for the community to have a look into the wrapped up of the path we walked halfway through the year 2022.

Unleash the true power of the digital assets

SIX Protocol’s Development Plan and Concept Review


At the beginning of this year, so far SIX Network has unveiled a thrilling developing project which is our new biggest project ever. The SIX Protocol chain was introduced earlier in January 2022, view full article, the project breaks down into three parts: SIX Protocol infrastructure, business implementation concept, and partnering as node validator.


SIX Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure layer built supporting businesses to migrate digital assets into the blockchain through the method of token issuing of cryptocurrency or NFT.


It is an essential part of bringing business to on-chain, Web 3.0 preparation, and cross-chain. SIX Protocol can implement DApps on various blockchains, unlocking unlimited possibilities to hop onto other new chains handled by bridge function assorted for any operating system.

bring business to web 3.0
Sunmiya NFT PFP collection

Sunmiya Club NFT in Collaboration with Fingerlabs


PFP NFT or Profile Picture NFTs is one kind of an NFT to showcase their ownership through profile picture customization of investment and support of the artist/musician/public figure for that project.


Sunmiya Club is the NFT (PFP) project which is the first attempt by a female artist in the domestic market to collaborate with Fingerlabs. The project issued 10,000 Klaytn-based PFPs composing fan-based and NFT holders together.

SIX Network's official community on discord channel

Greeting SIXitzens only on the Discord channel


On the 26th of April 2022, SIX Network expanded the community to the Discord channel in an attempt in making the community fun and hoping to bring the community a little closer to our team.


Discord is a great space to stay in touch, suggest, and contact our team quickly. The channel is compatible with the styling of the community we aim for. With cool features that we can add on and make our connection approachable consisting of rooms to join, activities to play, and a LIVE voice channel to chat up on the situation that you are up to.

Bithumb listed SIX tokens on South Korea exchange

SIX Token being listed on Bithumb: (SIX) KRW/BTC market (South Korea)

Bithumb listed SIX tokens on 27 April 2022, for SIX-KCT or Klaytn Network. Another step closer for SIX Network to take a move on a global level is having SIX token listed in South Korea’s well-known exchange which will potentially boost our performance and prepared us for the next biggest move under SIX Protocol.

NFT Collection of the living legendary

BUAKAW 1 NFT in Collaboration with YDM (Thailand)

NFTs community is growing and another collaborated project with YDM (Thailand) is BUAKAW 1 consisting of 2,000 generative art pieces of the legendary Mr. Buakaw Banchamek. 


We aim to inspire and connect people with huge fans expanding to the NFT/ Crypto group around the world, both online and offline, to be a part of and participate in many activities and privileges. SIX Network has helped in the process for each minting round, the collection was minted on Ethereum (ETH).

Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 @BITEC Bangna

On 12-15 May 2022, SIX Network attended Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 at BITEC Banga. Our exhibition gathered with showcases of NFT screen, the project we collaborated with, and the SIX Protocol overview. Exclusively stage talked by both of our Co-CEOs on the topic circled around.


Many ventures and blockchain-oriented firms give interest in the new chain and registered for partnership node validator at the event. We currently releasing names that have signed partnerships with us, please stay connected for further node partnership announcements.

SIX Protocol launch plan described in 4 phases

SIX Protocol Launch Plan

We’re glad to announce our new launch plan for SIX Protocol by SIX Network.

1. Weekly Validator Node Partnership Announcement

Pace-by-pace we gradually reveal the names of partners who are node validators along with the details of joining SIX Protocol.


2. SIX Protocol’s mainnet launch, Block Explorer, Official SIX Protocol Website.

We celebrate our official SIX Protocol website to invite all interesting individuals to learn and get along with the process of development.


3. Validator Nodes (For Business and Individuals)

At this phase, we’d be glad to invite everyone who wants to participate as SIX Protocol’s Node Validator to join and receive benefits/privileges.


4. SIX Protocol’s Official Launching Celebration Event

View full details >> click <<

Last but not least if you are ready to leap into the future with us,

you can join our interest list and get in touch with our team here.


Or Click: https://bit.ly/contact-sixprotocol


Discord community: https://discord.gg/kypKmUJv9J


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