How SIX Network’s NFT Gen 2 Boosted Engagements at Techsauce Global Summit 2023 with Over 5,000 Interactions from Attendees


As the digital landscape evolves, so does the way people engage with technology. The Techsauce Global Summit 2023 was more than just a gathering; it is a perfect blend of innovation and engagement.


In collaboration with Techsauce, SIX Network crafted a transformative user journey at the event. The impact of user engagement through check-ins is notable: 5,268 total user engagements, 1,798 engagements in zones, 1,790 engagements with stages, and 1,680 engagements with exhibitions and booths.


These numbers demonstrate the effectiveness of Techsauce NFT in changing attendees from passive participants to active and involved individuals.


Let’s discover how NFT Gen2 technology transformed user engagement and improved their experience as we recap SIX Network’s highlighted moments at the event.

Key Highlights from SIX Network


Introducing Techsauce NFT Treasure Hunt by SIX Network

SIX Network and Techsauce introduced Techsauce NFT Treasure Hunt, which transformed user engagement into an interactive gamified experience.


Integrated into the TSGS2023 app, attendees are able to claim NFT using their ticket ID. By scanning QR codes and AR, participants earn points for check-ins at strategic locations (stages, zones, booths) across the event, then use points to redeem rewards like Techsauce merchandise, after-party passes, and cash vouchers.

In simpler terms, Techsauce NFT shifts attendees from passive observers to active participants. NFTs encourage them to interact, explore, and uncover surprises, adding an exciting layer to the event and making every corner a chance for enjoyment. This innovative approach cultivates connections, curiosity, and more engagement in the event.


But the excitement doesn’t end there. If you successfully complete all the NFT missions, the NFTs will transform into special ‘After Party’ passes that grant you access to the celebration after the event.


This transformation is one of the futures of NFT Gen 2 that allows collection owners to modify the artwork on their NFTs and opens up opportunities for businesses to craft innovative use cases, resulting in a unique symbol of utility.


Furthermore, the integration of on-chain data and schema-driven actions ensures that the interactive NFT experience runs smoothly.


You can check on-chain data via this link: https://bit.ly/45zBF9u


Insights of Techsauce NFT

Let’s explore Techsauce’s NFT and discover insights. By examining the data closely, we can better understand the benefits and potential effects of Techsauce’s NFT and NFT Gen2.


The benefits included seamlessly connecting users with blockchain, adding fun through gamified experiences, offering guidance to enhance attendee participation, and being key to driving attendees to the after-party event.

Seamlessly Connect Users with Blockchain

At the start, participants will engage by downloading the TSGS2023 app and going to the NFT Treasure Hunt section. They can claim NFT using their Ticket ID. What’s remarkable is that this entire process is seamless and users are unaware that they are utilizing Blockchain technology.


The business gains advantages from this because this integration enhances user experience by eliminating potential friction or concerns associated with adopting new technology, leading to higher participation rates and a more positive perception of the event, and setting the business apart from competitors.

Next, This Token ID will categorize participants into groups: Exhibitor, General, Investor, Media, Partner, Speakers, Staff, and VIP.


So, This allows us to map out where each category checks in. This is particularly valuable for businesses aiming to target specific market segments more effectively. By using the Token ID, we can identify the check-in locations that interest each group.

Making Events Fun with Gamified Experiences

Once attendees have claimed their NFT, they can participate in the quest by scanning AR/QR codes and engaging in check-in activities at different locations to earn points.


This approach enhances event engagement as this is like a game, and data tells us the percentage of participants who complete interactive tasks.

Distribution of Engagement Levels:

  • 1–5 Quests: 38% of participants fall into this category, indicating a high level of engagement right from the start.
  • 6–10 Quests: 24% of participants are moderately engaged.
  • 11–15 Quests: 33% of participants are deeply engaged in this range, showcasing a particularly engaging set of quests.
  • 16–20 Quests: 6% of participants are doing the most quests, showcasing a desire for challenges.


This distribution showcases the effectiveness of incorporating gamified elements. The high percentage in the 11–15 quests suggests that these quests engage particularly well. The 1–5 range indicates a strong initial engagement.

On average, each participant takes 9 quests, giving us insights into their level of involvement. Looking ahead, Businesses can leverage these insights to further enhance engagement strategies and create a more impressive event environment.


Guide to Improve Attendees Participation


The data below provide a clear picture of attendees’ most active locations, serving as a guide for event organizers to strategically allocate resources and boost engagement. Identifying hotspots and patterns enables organizers to craft event layouts, schedules, and offerings, resulting in a vibrant experience for all participants.


The impact of user engagement (Check-in) was evident in the data below:

-5,268 User Engagements

-1,798 Zone Engagements

-1,790 Stage Attendance Engagements

-1,680 Exhibition and Booth Engagements


This application of NFT technology showcases the potential of NFT Gen2, offering an experience that surpasses traditional event engagement. By merging dynamic data layer technology and gamification, SIX Network, and the NFT Gen2 initiative have paved the way for event participation and audience engagement.

There are two areas that stand out as jam-packed. The first is ‘Exhibition A,’ where a lot of engagement takes place. The second is the ‘CVC Zone,’ which is full of people due to its unique focus on corporate venture capital.


Techsauce can strategically direct its resources toward ‘Exhibition A’ by placing booths nearby to increase visibility and interaction. Also, the strong appeal of the ‘CVC Zone’ gives Techsauce the chance to effectively allocate resources, ensuring a well-balanced approach to the high level of interest in that area.


Exhibition and booth Engagements

In the exhibition section, ‘Exhibition A’ boasts the highest check-ins, closely followed by ‘Exhibition B’,’ Exhibition C.’, and ‘Techsauce Booth.’

Zone Engagements

Moving to the zones, the ‘CVC Zone’ experiences the most engagement, followed by the ‘Experiencing Zone’, the ‘Business Matching Zone’, and the ‘Relaxing Zone’.


Stage Engagements

The stages section showcases attendee enthusiasm for different topics. The ‘Corporate Innovation/Web3 Stage’ leads with the most engagement, followed by the ‘Main Stage’ , the ‘Digital Transformation Stage’, the ‘Climate Tech/FinTech Stage’, and the ‘FoodTech/HealthTech/Startup Stage’.


Key to Driving Attendees to After-Party Event

After completing quests, attendees earn points and can use them to redeem special privileges and prizes.


From the data below, The ‘After Party Reward’ shines as the most sought-after, with a total of 100% redemptions of its available slots, making up approximately 33% of all claims. The ‘ECG Cash Voucher’ is also popular, with around 21% of claims.



-After-Party Reward: 33%

-ECG Cash Voucher: 21%

-Techsauce Cap: 18%

-Techsauce Namecard: 18%

-Techsauce T-Shirt: 10%


Techsauce NFT plays a crucial role in driving engagement. As attendees actively pursue this NFT to strive for the ‘After Party Reward,’ It encourages more attendees to participate enthusiastically. Therefore, it drives more people to attend the after-party, resulting in an even more vibrant event experience.


By examining the data, we can uncover detailed trends, understand preferences, and identify patterns. This helps businesses consistently offer appealing rewards that perfectly match what the audience wants.


Next Step for Businesses

The exploration of NFTs goes beyond just art; it involves concrete and measurable data. By condensing and analyzing this information, Techsauce can enhance its management strategies.


Furthermore, this approach serves as a blueprint that can equip other event organizers with tools to discover valuable insights and streamline cost planning. This case provides a strong example of effective event management, enhancing the potential for innovation and progress within the industry.


Summary of CEO Speaker Session: Enhancing Brand Awareness through Dynamic Digital Assets


A session featured SIX Network’s Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Mr. Vachara Aemavat and Mr. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong. In the topic of “Enhancing Brand Awareness through Dynamic Digital Assets.” They delved into the impact of dynamic digital assets on brand awareness. The session offered insights into how these assets can drive engaging interactions, foster brand loyalty, and provide an array of benefits for businesses.


Featured Speakers:

  • Mr. Vachara Aemavat — Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SIX Network
  • Mr. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong — Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SIX Network


Key Takeaways

-NFTs play a vital role in attracting users and as advocates for brands. For example, renowned brands like Adidas are leveraging NFTs, incorporating features like trade coins


– The focus of creators and innovators is on practical NFT applications, uncovering innovative uses. Despite price fluctuations, the potential of NFTs and blockchain’s core values of decentralization and community-building remain strong. As a result, brands will increasingly step in, creating new experiences for customers and building brand awareness and advocacy. They strategically utilize NFTs to cultivate a sense of exclusivity and community through engaging quests and events.


-The session highlighted SIX Network’s contribution to integrating corporate data with blockchain and the development of NFT Gen2. Envisioning broad NFT adoption, scenarios such as using NFTs for tickets to create unique experiences were highlighted.


SIX Network Booth Showcases Dynamic Data Layer Technology


At the SIX Network booth, attendees had the opportunity to explore the innovative Dynamic Data Layer Technology. The company shows use cases and the key features of NFT Gen 2. Also, The booth had a “Lucky Wheel” activity, enabling participants to win rewards from SIX Network. These interactions not only showcased technology but also created engagements for all those involved.


Techsauce Global Summit 2023


SIX Network had an exciting presence at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023, which was held on August 16–17. The summit took place at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok and attracted more than 16,000 attendees from over 50 countries, with an impressive 40% international participation. This summit served as a hub of innovation, fostering connections and driving digital transformation.


The event’s highlights included over 300 keynote speeches from leading speakers, as well as the Business Matching zone that provided opportunities for entrepreneurs from top organizations, startups, SMEs, tech professionals, and the general public to come together and exchange business insights, with a total of 1,000 business deals made.



In conclusion, SIX Network’s innovative use of NFT Gen2 as part of the Dynamic Data Layer at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023 has transformed user engagement. By integrating NFTs into the event experience, attendees changed from observers to active participants, growing connections and curiosity.


This approach demonstrates the potential of NFTs in enhancing event participation and interaction. Moreover, SIX Network is aimed at consistently improving the Dynamic Data Layer technology to broaden its accessibility and engagement for a large and diverse user base.


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