SIX Network’s AMA | Deepens Engagement with Korean Community by CryptoPanda


SIX Network, a blockchain solutions company, aims to expand its reach in the Korean community by holding a text AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with CryptoPanda, a popular Korean community.


The AMA was held on August 29, 2023, at 5:00 PM (GMT+7). Vachara Aemavat, the Co-CEO of SIX Network, was the guest speaker. He answered questions from the CyptoPanda community about the company’s vision, upcoming projects, and answered community live questions.


The AMA was held on CryptoPanda’s Telegram channel. Anyone could simply participate by joining the channel and posting questions in the chat.

This AMA was a great opportunity for SIX Network to connect with the Korean community and learn more about their needs. It was also a chance to showcase the company’s products and how they could benefit businesses and individuals in Korea.


Some of the key topics that were discussed during the AMA include:

-SIX Network’s mission and vision

-SIX Protocol and its features

-SIX Network’s partners and upcoming partnerships

-SIX token and its utility

-The challenges and opportunities facing SIX Network


The AMA was a success, helping SIX Network achieve its goal of expanding to the Korean community. The company is now well-positioned to grow its business in the Korean market.


This is a time to increase awareness and build strong relationships with the Korean community. This will help to strengthen both the SIX Ecosystem and the utility of SIX tokens on the SIX Protocol.


Here’s the full text’s AMA with Vachara Aemavat, Co-CEO of SIX Network


Q: Brief introduction of the project with the team

A: SIX Network is a blockchain solutions company, with our mission to make a friendly and smooth ecosystem for businesses to dive into the awesomeness of blockchain technology.

Our team is made up of different departments, with most members being talented Blockchain Developers (mostly in Thailand). Plus, we’ve got an amazing team based in Korea too!


Q: Tell us about the SIX Network Project

A: Our main office is in the middle of Bangkok.

In our SIX ecosystem, we have user-friendly tools, platforms, and dApps.

Our leading is SIX Protocol and Dynamic Data Layer. SIX Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure focusing on helping businesses adopt WEB3.0

The Dynamic Data Layer is built to carry any data on-chain with the lowest fee and is able to be customized.


For example, NFTGen2 crafts NFTs for real-world use cases like ticketing and membership on our Dynamic Data Layer.**


Q: Do you have any recent updates from SIX protocol to share?

A: SIX Protocol has major development changes to fit more for developer uses. We just launched EVM compatible and many more functionality to come. We migrate our SIX token from Stellar to ERC20 to support our EVM compatibility as well. This allows many developers to deploy EVM-support solidity smart contracts on our protocol.

Now, it works very well to carry on more types of data on-chain. We really encourage blockchain developers to explore our functionality, especially for corporate uses.**


Q: Can you tell us about some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with in the near future?

A: We just partnered with Techsauce to develop NFT functionality for one of the biggest tech conferences in Thailand called TechSauce Global Summit 2023. Our role is to manage the seamless mobile experience with Blockchain and NFTs.


At the event, our NFTGen2 collection was designed like a mobile gamification with a seamless experience, enhancing the WEB3 experience for users and giving brands a boost. We’re currently partners with many industries, but right now we’re focusing on event and entertainment fields.


Our tech stars are “NFTGen2” and “Dynamic Data Layer” — our partners are really interested in these!


These 2 technologies bring real benefits to businesses. The previous week at Techsauce Global Summit — we leveraged our technology to create excitement for everyone at the event, engaging people from more than 20 countries. So, we help Techsauce’s organizer’s team to gain more valuable data and insight to improve the next coming event.


We also work with many partners in various industries in both Thailand and Korea. Stay tuned in our community. We will update more work once they are ready to announce.


Q: I know that the SIX network is well-known in Thailand, but I have doubts about whether it is competitive in Korea or the entire crypto world. What differentiates the SIX Network from other projects and why do users need to use the SIX Network?

A: In the blockchain world, what sets SIX Network apart is prioritizing a user-centric approach, step by step. This means anyone can use our platform with ease. Our goal is to create a technology for everyone, boosting adoption, especially in Thailand and Korea where we already have a user base.


If you look into what we make on SIX Protocol, the purpose is not carrying block on-chain likewise we customize the chain to carry other data on-chain. For a glance at global and Korean markets, our aim isn’t just to beat other blockchain projects but to work alongside with them. We’re focused on elevating the user experience and our strength is the adaptability and ability to use any blockchains for solutions.


Q: Why did SIX Network decide to migrate to the EVM? How will this migration contribute to the SIX network’s long-term goals?

A: We’re migrating to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) because we want to open doors for development on any chains that work with the EVM. It’s like leveling up for SIX Protocol, giving us new growth chances.


Also EVM-based infrastructure, We can draw greater attention and partnership opportunities with global developers to BUIDL on our protocol.

This is also preparing to support many narratives that coming up in the next crypto cycle. We will support many kinds of decentralized platforms such as SocialFi and other different defi platforms.


Q: I am curious about the utility of SIX token. How do users use it and what benefits do holders get?

A: SIX Token is like the fuel that keeps SIX Protocol chain running smoothly. It’s used as the “gas fee” for the chain.


Since SIX Network partners up with different industries and gets bigger, if you are a staking holder in SIX Protocol, you can look forward to getting rewards from our partners as well.


Other than that, when we launch the new platform on our protocol. SIX holders can be the first group of people who gain the first benefits.


Q: What do you think is the main challenge for the SIX protocol in Web3 at the moment?

A: The main challenge for WEB3 development is user adoption. Changing user behavior from using traditional infrastructure from WEB2 to WEB3 is not easy for mass adoption. That’s why we are building the ecosystem in SIX protocol to help users adopt to use WEB3 more easily.


Q: SIX network team has to provide stability by preventing hacking and fund theft, which is a common problem in coin projects, and I would like to know what technology or security checks are used to prevent hacking and fund theft.

A: Every smart contract that we deploy has been audited by a global player smart contract auditor team such as Acadia. For the security focus, it is not only optional but it is a mandatory process that we have to achieve.


Q: Collaboration and partnership are one of the key factors in the project. Can you share some of your recent partnerships with existing blockchain foundations?

A: We have many partners working with us such as DWF, Favorlet and many other projects. We are also working with many partners in Thailand and Korea. We can share to you the industry before we announce the name soon once we launch the project together. There are from hospitality, tourism, hyper-market, government agency and so forth.


Q: Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? if yes please share it with us.

A: This is a very good opinion. Yes, we are very open to ambassadors from all over the world. Please stay tuned in our community, we will launch the ambassador program soon.


Q: It’s hard to see anything related to the roadmap on the SIX Network team’s homepage, so I’m curious to know what the SIX Network team’s roadmap is and what their end goal is for the ecosystem.

A: We believe we are in a changing era of everything. Nobody can imagine about blockchain industry going this big in the last 10 years. Defi and NFT is not coming this big in the last 4 years. SocialFi is not this big in last 5 months.

We create a dynamic infrastructure to support any change. We believe the global market is changing. Our ultimate goal is to create an adoption of the blockchain industry in a mass adoption. We keep working hard to achieve our goals.

And that’s all for a full AMA.


The AMA was a positive experience for everyone involved, and it helped to build trust and understanding between SIX Network and the Korean community. SIX Network is committed to continuing to engage with the community and providing a safe and welcoming space for everyone.


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