Roadmap 2023

Empowering Business and Individuals with Blockchain Technology:

At SIX Network

We’re constantly developing the best crypto initiatives, SIX Network, launched in 2018, has undertaken many blockchain-based projects utilizing metadata and smart contracts.

Preparing to onboard top-industry businesses to Web3 using SIX Protocol.

  Scaling up operations to helping businesses grow in Blockchain, crypto, and NFT.

Currently working on projects that will shape the world of NFTs.

Launched “NFT Gen 2” an innovation that allows NFTs to be merged with business.

Driving Innovation and Growth in Decentralized Finance: SIX Network’s Priorities for 2023 SIX Network is focused on driving innovation and growth in 2023 through new product development, partnerships and community engagement to empower businesses and individuals with blockchain technology.

SIX Network Roadmap 2023:
Limitless Boundary of Utilities

SIX Network Roadmap Overview

SIX Network’s goal is to be a one-stop blockchain solution for businesses and communities.

    •   In 2022, we launched “SIX Protocol ” which is an infrastructure blockchain, and partnered with business node validators.

    •   We developed Dynamic Data Layer technology and launched the “NFT Gen 2”

    •   NFT Gen 2 is created to improve NFT utility for real-world business.


In 2023, our primary focus is on business real use case.

We plan to introduce new products such as BUIDLER Garage, Partner Hub, SIX Vault, SIX.Zone, SIX Name Service, Developer Hub, AR Profile ID, and NFT Staking.

From Concept to Reality:

Our Plans for Launching and Monetizing New Products in 2023

At SIX Network, we are dedicated to developing blockchain solutions for businesses. Our goal is to build a thriving ecosystem on the SIX Protocol through the creation of innovative products. The SIX’s product update has been created to provide infomation about our current and future projects, as well as the progress we have made so far.

Ensuring Reliability and Scalability:
Our Ongoing Work on the SIX Protocol Infrastructure


SIX Protocol is a powerful blockchain infrastructure that empowers businesses to embrace the full potential of Web 3.0. With a range of customizable tools and features, the SIX Protocol enables companies to easily launch their own tokens, build decentralized applications (DApps), or create non-fungible token (NFT) projects using NFT Gen2. Whether you’re just starting out with blockchain technology or looking to expand your business into the Web 3.0 space, SIX Protocol is the ideal platform for building and scaling your project.

Launch and Progress Update
  • Prepare to Launch Individual Node
  • Upgrade and fix issues on SIX Protocol Chain (Monthly update)
  • Prepare to upgrade SIX Bridge on six protocol chain (Mainnet)
  • Update testnet Document
  • Plan to Publish NFT Gen2 doc in testnet developer mode
  • Add essential function into NFT Gen2
  • On development blockchain explorer to support NFT Gen2 and Traits on SIX Protocol
  • Prepare readiness for developer to use SIX protocol
  • Research and update progress in the system
  • Improving the performance of the transfer function to better support transferring attributes
  • Adding a parameter for action without modifying the schema
  • Implement SDK for any public chain
  • Removing evmSupport to streamline the system
  • Making the status function more efficient to improve overall performance
  • Modifying SIXlink (Oracle) to support messages to enhance communication capabilities

SIX Validator Nodes & Partnership Program

Validator nodes are important for the security of the SIX Protocol network. As a validator node, they verify and record transactions, and help to ensure the network is secure. It’s important to be a trustworthy validator node. Currently, we have revealed 18 Node Validators and we will be revealing more Node Validator partnerships in the future. Click here see our first 18 Node Partnership Announcement

Progress Update

SIX Vault

SIX Vault is a decentralized wallet designed for managing digital assets. Users can easily send, receive, store cryptocurrencies, including NFTs, safely and securely on the SIX Vault. 

Progress Update
  • Develop UI design for a better journey experience
  • Develop social integration
  • Add single sign on
  • Compose and arrange our service to connect to the ecosystem

SIX Zone

SIX.Zone is a platform that helps businesses run marketing campaigns by connecting them with users via social media, decentralized wallets, and global competitions for participation in whitelist activities and raffle campaigns. 

Progress Update
  • Develop campaign launchpad
  • Design user journey and connect every mission in line
  • Test the application
  • Improve user experience and produce relevant experiences for users

SIX Bridge

Six Bridge is the portal to convert SIX Tokens effortlessly to another blockchain for convenience use on Definix. it’s friendly for users to manage tokens, invest in various digital assets, and participate in decentralized finance activities. 

Progress Update
  • Add SIX Protocol chain
  • Prepare and update information for Update guidebook


Definix is the transparent crypto investment platform on Defi that helps crypto investors to invest confidently and allows professional traders to earn more from their investing skills by creating and managing their own funds. 

Progress Update
  • Prepare the process to be compatible with SIX protocol

NFT Gen2

NFT Gen 2 is the on-chain solution on SIX Protocol, developed by SIX Network. The purpose of creating NFT Gen 2 is to enhance the real utility to the NFT and make businesses able to implement NFT for real-world business activities

NFT Gen 2 is an advanced version of NFT that allows for the storage and exchange of dynamic metadata for specific NFTs. It enables businesses to use NFTs for ticketing, coupons, campaigns, and other marketing purposes. It is compatible with any blockchain and can be applied to any existing NFT collection. It uses oracles to verify ownership and prevent fraud, and merges original metadata with dynamic metadata on the SIX Protocol, providing added utility and usage for users.

Progress Update
  • Develop SDK to support key chain
  • The Gen2 SDK has been tested on the Testnet
  • Update Gitbook and NFT Gen2 Tech Doc
  • Prepare community channel to support granted developer tool
  • Public release NFT whalegate collection on Xclusive

Dear all, we are proudly to present you the projects embedded with dynamic data layer of NFT Gen2 to improve an exclusive experienced in a veriety of NFT Collection


The World’s first Muay Thai NFT project by a living legend of a boxing champion, Buakaw Banchamek. The BUAKAW 1 club is an NFT collection consisting of 2,000 generative art pieces of the legendary.


The “Whale Gate” collection is the world’s first NFT Gen 2 collection, consisting of 600 unique Klaytn-based NFTs developed by the SIX Protocol team minted exclusively for the Crypto Expo Thailand 2022 event.


TeamMHRS is a 625 utility-enabled PFPs build on top of Maho Rasop festival experience. each unlocks exclusive benefits, and upcoming surprise the longer you HODL it.

SIX Product Roadmap 2023

All-in-1 tool for creation

    •   Easy to manage your NFT collections.
  •  Connect NFT Utilities with NFT Gen 2 such as NFT ticketing, loyalty programs, and discount programs.
  •   Create marketing campaigns on social media.
  •   Promote your digital assets to audiences.

Make your NFTs shine

    •   Showcase your NFT collections with Partner Hub.
  • Create and register marketing campaigns for your NFT collections.
  •   Discover interesting NFT campaigns as a user.
  •   Redeem your points through the point exchange system for exclusive privileges.

Effortlessly run your campaigns

  •   Run marketing campaigns through social media engagement 
  •   Running competitions globally and has Web 3.0 integration 
  •   Social integration tool that increases engagement and reach.
  •  Allows for easy import of user data and social media

Bringing your digital identity to life NFT Gen2 Profile in AR

  •   Create an augmented reality (AR) of NFT Gen2 profile picture.
  •   Display the AR on various channels such as social media, metaverse, or any platform that supports AR display.
  •   Enhance the user’s digital identity and provide a new way to showcase their NFT ownership.
  •  Bring digital identity to life and stand out in the digital world.

Secure your digital assets

  •   Securely manage digital assets.
  •   Easily send, receive, and redeem Crypto and NFTs.
  •   Collect Crypto and NFTs with access to DApps platforms that support SIX Vault.
  •  Expand the token usage by inviting users to the blockchain system to experience the platform’s easy, reliable, and secure services.

Access to NFT Gen 2 technology

  •   Developers can access to NFT Gen 2 technology for use in their own projects.
  •   Provides documentation, tutorials, sample code, software development kits (SDKs), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other tools for developers to use in their projects.
  •  Open tickets on our Discord channel to request tutorials and ask any questions.
  • Learn and utilize the latest NFT Gen 2 technology.

Maximize your NFTs potential

  •   Earn rewards by staking their NFTs on the Definix platform.
  •   Increase the demand and value for NFTs.
  •   Simple and secure way to earn rewards and benefit on your NFT assets.

Simplify your name

  •   Decentralized system that allows users to create human-readable names with addresses on the SIX Protocol blockchain.
  •   No need to memorize long and complex addresses.
  •   These names are used to identify smart contracts, tokens, and NFTs.
  •  Unique, owned by the users who register them.

The Mechanics for Decreasing the Supply of SIX

SIX Burn – The mechanics for decreasing the supply of SIX

Exploring the SIX Tokens

SIX tokens are a cryptocurrency of the SIX Network that plays an important role. SIX is used for spending as a transactional fee, governing the system, and redeeming the services on the SIX Protocol and have a total supply of 1 billion. It will also have a staking system in which users can earn SIX tokens by providing liquidity or participating in other supportive activities. Our goal is to increase the adoption and use of our products while also providing benefits and incentives to token holders

Our Tokenomics model aims to benefit all stakeholders involved. It includes the SIX Protocol as infrastructure, while the NFT Creator Studio allows businesses to utilize NFT Gen 2 through the use of SIX tokens as gas fee. Our DeFi platform, Definix, is another products. Additionally, we have plans to release further products that will expand the use cases for SIX tokens within the ecosystem.

SIX Network’s Projects Achievement in Y2022

It’s about the time for the community to have a look into the wrapped up of the path we walked through the year 2022.

Get the overview of the achievements of SIX Network from 2022! From new partnerships to “NFT Gen 2” launches, there’s always something exciting happening at SIX. Don’t miss out on this update and stay up-to-date on all things at SIX network.
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